A Few More VBS Ideas

As we get closer to VBS time for churches everywhere, thought some more ideas (see Western VBS Ideas for the first post on this subject) to keep it simple & fun would be in order…

For snack ideas, let the kids go to the Chuckwagon & pick their own individual snack item. You can get a large variety to please many tastes at Sam’s Club & such – peanut butter & crackers, Doritos, Teddy Grahams, trail mix, etc. My kids consider it a huge treat to have their own little package. They feel like they are shopping & have some control over their pick. This makes the snack bar commitee all but out of a job for the summer! Frees them up to help in other ways. Couldn’t get much easier.

Awards: We are bucking the system & not getting “do-dads” to give away this year. We are awarding packs of gum for Bible memory (God’s Word sticking to you), & Cow Tails, Licorice Lassos, Rootbeer Barrels, Boston Baked Beans, etc. for bringing a friend, etc. Moms all over the church are heaving a collective sigh of relief over not having to pick up the tiny treasure junk all summer. A little sugar for a moment & then it’s over! Much easier to deal with.

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