Literacy Mania.

Here’s a fun little test for you bloggers. You just put your http in & it calculates your blog’s readabilty/reading level. It was interesting for me – thought you might find it interesting as well.

Here’s the results for Liberty 92…
Summary Value
Total sentences 380
Total words 3314
Average words per Sentence 8.72
Words with 1 Syllable 2452
Words with 2 Syllables 599
Words with 3 Syllables 193
Words with 4 or more Syllables 70
Percentage of word with three or more syllables 7.94%
Average Syllables per Word 1.36
Gunning Fog Index 6.66
Flesch Reading Ease 82.88
Flesch-Kincaid Grade 3.87

It explains all the results at the site.
Thanks, Kim, at In Beauty and In Grace!

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