Teach Us To Number Our Days So That We May Grow In Wisdom. – Psalm 90

Late last night we got a phone call from one of Keith’s accountability partners. He’s an elementary teacher with Keith & ministry worker as well; a few years younger than us. (Some of you reading know him as the guy who made all those funny movies for the school – very gifted in drama.) He’s been having severe headaches & some nausea for the last few weeks off & on. His wife convinced him not to wait for a doctor appointment, but to instead head to the emergency room this time. After a CAT scan, a mass was found in his brain. They had him go straight down to Columbus for further tests. These tests are going on this morning.

Please be in prayer for Scott & his wife Rebecca. They also have a little girl not yet two. I just remember Keith having headaches for a few weeks around the time his dad passed away. That scared me pretty badly. I can’t imagine the fear associated with actually finding something! Please pray for a peace in them that passes all understanding through these days.

Keith & I were talking last night – we lived for 35 years without anything like this really touching us personally. The first “jar into reality” was two & a half years ago when our friend was killed in a hunting accident leaving a wife & three little boys. Since then, God just keeps reinforcing to us how fragile & brief life really is. I would say we went an amazingly long time without God making that point in our lives. But I would also have to say I am glad that He has! It has made me much more aware on a daily basis of Heaven, eternity, the spiritual battle going on around us, etc. – a more “eternal perspective” you might say. And for that I am grateful.

Life is but a vapor. We are here for such a short time! And life as we know it can change in an instant without warning. Cherish today. Love those around you. Live as if today were the last because it might be! That’s not to say you should have a “doomsday” outlook but rather, live with purpose, the rock solid assurance that God is in total control no matter what happens & that He is completely trustworthy.

The book we have chosen to give to graduating friends this year is “The Little Red Book of Wisdom” by Mark DeMoss (Nancy Leigh‘s little brother). We got a copy for our family as well. The very first chapter hits this point…

“When my father died, I thought I could never hurt that way again. Then we lost my brother David. Since then, I have been privileged to share the sorrow of other families during loss, & I know from my marrow & tissue what is important. People are. God is. Time is – important, fleeting, priceless.”

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