Western VBS Ideas

My cohort in this VBS thing & I were trying to think of fun names to call our groups & stations this year at VBS. Seeing as how Group is doing a cowboy ranch theme this year, I know there are many looking for the same thing. After googling around, didn’t find as much out there as I’d hoped. Those who are looking for ideas to get the creative juices flowing, here’s a few. (I’ve never posted to be “googled” before. We’ll see if this really helps those looking out there in cyberland.) This is the post I was looking for from someone else last night…


Station Names =

Opening: The Open Corral (I think that’s how you spell it)
Verse Time: Triple T’s Rodeo (Triple T is the lady who’s leading that station. You can name it for whoever… One-Shot Wayne’s or Harmonica Hannah’s, etc.)
Activity Time: The “Fundango” (a fandango is a fun evening where the cowboys get some r&r)
Other VBSs are calling the game time “Horseplay“, but our activity station is more structured & not always games, so inviting too much craziness to call it “horseplay”.
Closing:Sheriff’s Round-Up”
Snacks: The Chuck Wagon (person handing them out = “Cookie” or Russell Upsomegrub)

Group Names =
As far as group names, we have each group & their leader wearing a different colored bandanna.

The little guys’ group can have the green ones & be the “Galloping Greenhorns

The white ones could be used for any extra hands – “The Law“, like those wearing white hats are the law people. That would be for those who are volunteering for the extra jobs, those at the registration table, opening time, etc.
Or, the white group could be the “Silver Stampede
Blue = “Buckin’ Blue Broncos” or the “Blue Buckaroos
Red = “Red Wranglers
Orange = “Happy Trailblazers” or the “Blazin’ Saddles
Yellow = “Gold Miners” (they could talk about seeking Heaven – streets of
gold, & God’s Word being more precious than gold & we seek that, etc.)
Purple = “The Purple Posse
Black = “The Black Stallions

To keep things simple, we have decided for our VBS, we will probably just call each group the “Red Posse”, “Blue Posse”, etc.

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