Dr. Falwell, In My Humble Opinion

If you don’t believe the Word of God is true & that we are in a spiritual battle, LOOK AROUND right now! The hate & evil that has bubbled up & come to light upon the death of Dr. Falwell shouldn’t surprise me, but it still does shock & sicken me. He was used to it & faced it head on his whole Christian life. Anna Nicole Smith can pass on & the nation follows her sad body across the country as they bury her. She lived for herself, fame & money only. Compare & contrast to how they go on about Dr. Falwell who was a man of God, a man of vision, a man of faith. He dared to trust in the Word of God, push the opposition away & march on to the glory of God.

Okay, I know I’m going on & on about this, but you don’t know how much this man has changed my life & my family’s life in so many ways! The only other person I can think of right off who has had that much influence would be Bill Gothard & who knows if I’ll even hear about his passing. He doesn’t have the same name recognition Dr. Falwell does. And when people do know his name, half the time, people say it with scorn. Similar to Dr. Falwell.

I keep going back & forth about whether I should take the two older kids down for the funeral. This funeral will be a once in a lifetime chance for my kids to honor & experience one of those great heroes of the faith. I’d love for us all to go, but Keith doesn’t feel he can take those days off without pay. I just want to be there. I keep thinking about the family. I think about what Thomas Road & Liberty means to me & I want to honor that.

Two quotes keep swirling around in my head… “The left tried to deface Ronald Reagan’s name at his funeral, but the outpouring of love from the nation is what kept the media from doing it. They couldn’t get away with it.” (paraphrased from Rush) “You know what it means to the family for others to be there.” (Luke, my brother). I do remember. I know Macel & the three children won’t see me there & they don’t know me, but we would be all the more people there, showing the family that he did make a difference & he is loved. And when they are getting all the garbage they are having to deal with from the media right now, I would like to be a part of the other side of it all. They’ve had to deal with it all their lives. They expect it. But I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it would be to hear that kind of stuff being said about my dad, even if they’ve heard it all before. I can’t imagine. It would be tough. But you’d just have to remember the truth & that we are in a spiritual battle. This evil just shows Dr. Falwell stood for something & Satan pulled out all the stops against him. That’s part of being on the front lines as a pastor & all the more so if you dare to try & do anything spiritual on a national scale. That’s why we need to be vigilant in prayer for our own pastors & men like Dr. Dobson & President Bush.

I know Dr. Falwell won’t get the honor due him in this world. He didn’t want it. Didn’t expect it. But if my writing about him or going to the funeral or whatever can help just a few people understand he meant a whole lot to a whole lot of Christians out there, he made a huge difference in this country & the world for the cause of Christ – he’s up there with George Mueller & Jonathan Edwards in my book – I want to do it.

After wading through some of the horrid evil on line to get there, I did find some very moving tributes…

Double click this one to get to it…

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