Favorite Falwell Memory

Ever since I was a junior high kid, my dreams were of teaching overseas. Keith Green’s magazine, Last Days Ministries, had an article/ad from Wycliffe about how they needed teachers for the MKs. I tore that ad out & had it taped on my bedroom mirror all through high school.

Our high school had a college fair every spring & Christian schools from all around would come to recruit. I knew I could get my teaching degree at OSU for cheap by living at home & going to the branch locally, so knew I wasn’t going to go to any of these schools. But we were assigned to go around & look at them & list our favorite three. Liberty was always at the top of my list. But even with PK discounts, etc. I knew that wasn’t practical for me to go there.

After finishing at OSU, Dad said he really wanted to help me get my graduate degree away somewhere. He wanted me to have that experience. He was helping Paul, one of my younger brothers, fill out forms to try out for Sounds at the time & I got to thinking how fun that would be to be down there in Lynchburg with him. I’d never been on campus, but knew enough about Liberty to know I’d love it. Especially with Paul there. I looked into teaching at the Christian school there as another possibility. Long story short, I ended up going the next year for that Master’s Degree (thanks, Mom & Dad!!!).

In the spring of that year, Liberty had it’s annual job fair. That’s where I met my next two bosses (but that’s another post!). Joe Hale told me they needed teachers in Korea & said I wouldn’t have to raise support or have two years of experience to get there. I could teach next year! All I needed to do was have the money for my ticket over there. Once there, they’d help me find housing, give me a small salary to live on, etc. WOW! What an opportunity! But I didn’t have the money for that ticket – a little under $1000. That seemed pretty huge.

I don’t remember how Dr. Falwell found out about it, but soon after, one Sunday night at the end of the service, Dr. Falwell called me up to the pulpit. He put his giant arm around my shoulders & said, “This little girl wants to go to Korea to teach at Joe’s school. She only needs the money for the ticket over there. Let’s all reach down deep in our pockets & get this little girl over there & serve the Lord, shall we? She’s got the heart to serve Him, let’s give her the means to get over there & do it.” Then they passed the plates & that night handed me a check for $900 some dollars! That was their extra offering with a Sunday night crowd! I was truly blessed by the family at Thomas Road Baptist Church. I will never forget Dr. Falwell’s sweet, caring, genuine heart for his Lord, the ministry, & “his kids”.

3 responses to “Favorite Falwell Memory

  • Valerie

    Wow! I never heard that story! What a great memory to have.

  • Jess @ Making Home

    Thank you for sharing your personal memories. I’ve never known anything about him except for what the MSM has said… which as you know is pretty much all negative.

    I can’t believe that they would villify anyone who has just passed away– they didn’t even give him a day to be kindly remembered before they started the feeding frenzy… it’s sickening, regardless of what anyone thinks of him personally.

    Jess @ Making Home

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