Dr. Falwell With The Lord


My brother just called & told me the news. Dr. Falwell was found unresponsive in his office this morning after missing an appointment & was pronounced dead of congestive heart failure this afternoon. Sounds a lot like how God took Dad home. Dr. Falwell was 73.

Keith & I have talked before about how we would be hearing of these great men of God going to be with Him one of these days. They are the living legends of the faith – Billy Graham, Bill Gothard, Dr. Falwell.

My heart is heavy. I know how the family feels. I feel it, too right now. Thankful for all God has blessed me personally with in having this man with us. Feeling closer to Heaven & longing for it more now than ever. A feeling of the baton being passed & praying you’re up for it & can carry it as well as those gone before. Huge sadness for all those younger ones who will never know him, knowing you can never fully pass your memories on to them.

Dr. Falwell has been a huge influence in my life & the life of my family. Because of the vision God gave him & Dr. Falwell’s faithfulness in carrying it out…
– I have my Master’s Degree in Religion after having spent a year rubbing shoulders with great men of God like Dr.s Habermas, Patterson, & Towns. That year of memories is so precious to me!
– I met my sweet husband. How can you put a price tag on that?!
– I met Joe Hale, a fellow Liberty grad & founder of NICS, which took me to Korea to teach the first time. Changed my life!
– Two of my three sisters-in-law are part of our family because they were introduced to my brothers at Liberty University.

For those of you who didn’t know Dr. Falwell other than through the media, you don’t know Dr. Falwell. He was a lightning rod at times, but he used that to get his message across. He was able to mobilize a whole generation of Christians to bring about change in the political arena. His influence will reach far beyond his 73 years thanks to Liberty University & the army of champions that are being trained to go out & make a difference in whatever area God calls. That was his dream & he lived to see it! What a life!

Because of Dr. Falwell’s faithfulness to the call of God, there are champions for Christ literally all over this globe, serving the Lord in ways not possible if Liberty University had not been there. It has become what Dr. Falwell envisioned: a training ground, the place to network, make connections & meet heroes of the faith from all walks of life, etc. I am proud to say I am one of “Jerry’s kids”. He will be sorely missed. Our thoughts & prayers are with the Falwell family.

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