Daily Archives: May 13, 2007

Miscellaneous Ramblings Of A Sappy Mom

I remember vividly putting my mom on a pedestal all through my growing up years. My mom could do no wrong! Those of you who know her know I wasn’t too far off.:) She’s great! God blessed me with a really good one. She’s not perfect, but who is?

Callie is now doing the same thing to me. She says, “I’m so glad you’re my mom” with that look. Makes me nervous! I always say, “I’m glad I get to be your mom.” or “I’m so glad you’re my Callie-girl.” But sometimes inside I’m thinking about all the areas I’m not doing motherhood as well as I’d like.

I remember Mom saying, “Don’t be like me…” & thinking “Oh, she’s just being humble & ridiculous.” Kind of like when we’d work like dogs all day cleaning every square inch of the house (with a few tea breaks of course) & we’d collapse at the end of the day & she’d say, “Well, we got the worst off.” WHAT?! That used to drive me nuts! I wanted her to enjoy the same satisfying feeling of the clean house it was & she didn’t.

I think both situations are the same. I never saw it until I was on the other side of it.

Callie said the other night , “I love it when you’re around.” What in the world? I’m always around! But there’s “around” & “around”. Naturally we are around each other. But how often am I in my world & she in hers? She needs a daily time together where we’re both in the same world at the same time! Each of the kids need that. Actually, I need it, too – to keep their hearts.

I told Mom a while back that I sometimes I wish I could bottle some of my feelings & thoughts to keep for later. Time goes so fast! The kids just keep changing & I’m glad for that, but someday I’m really going to miss those sticky kisses & little feet that so quickly come running to me when I bend down & offer a simple hug. My heart sometimes feels like it will burst with joy! The problem is, in the midst of the daily grind, those feelings are interspersed with feelings of frustration when they don’t follow a simple command, again! I don’t want those feelings to crowd out the sweet ones. I just want to savor it all! Mom assures me it doesn’t stop after the kids get older & are out of the house. She says those feelings never go away. I guess I’ll have to trust her on that. She’s usually right.

Remind yourself of all the things you’re doing right. Bottle up some of those sweet memories this weekend. Have a precious Mother’s Day!