Aboriginal Bible – Only 2,285 To Go!

According to Wycliffe, there are 2,286 languages without a Bible yet. Just found out the Aboriginal people now have their own Bible! A translation for them has been completed as of May 5th after 27 years of work. Kriol, a language spoken by 30,000 Australians, is their language. This is the first complete translation of the Bible into an indigenous Australian tongue.

I love languages! Just listening to them is so interesting. If you’re interested in seeing this new Bible, they’ve posted The Lord’s Prayer & Matthew 1-3. Also, there’s a neat radio broadcast from Australia that starts with Psalm 23 so you can hear it. Enjoy & praise the Lord with them:)

Psalm 23:1,2
1 YAWEI, yu jis laik det brabli gudwan stakmen.
Yu oldei maindimbat mi,
en ai garram ebrijing brom yu.
Ai kaan wandim mowa
2 Yu lukaftumbat mi jis laik det stakmen weya im deigim im ship olabat blanga abum spel langa kwaitwan pleis garram bigmob gras en springwoda.

Thanks, Abraham, for sharing this!


8 responses to “Aboriginal Bible – Only 2,285 To Go!

  • john janssens

    I saw your Aboriginal bible at Bellgrave Heights, I could not stay away from it.
    What a gloriuose thing, beautiful to see, so I wanted to buy one, but I found out it was for Aboriginies in the territory and the Cape, and I am from Melbourne.

    Do you have anything translated in any of the other Aboriginal dilects, if you do coud you send some of it to me.

    Just a bit about me.
    I,m white live in Melbourne, Footscay,
    wife, a three kids.

    I am interested in learning more about Aboriginal dilects.

    Look forward to hear from you.

    Because He Lives.


  • Louise McNamara

    Could I please use the image you have pf the aboriginal chil;dren on a website? Do you have their permission / consent to the use of this picture?
    I wouold appreciate your reply as soon as possible. Thankyou
    louise McNamara
    Healthy Youth Program officer

  • David Weirich

    We are headed to Palm Island near Queensland region in June. How can we get a copy of the Aboriginal Bible? I live in the United States in the Seatle area.

  • Krystal Raisbeck


    I work for a non-for-profit organisation and we offer nationally qualified training in Children’s Services and we often specialise in working with people of Aboriginal background. We also train people of all different cultural backgrounds in how to Support Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander families to participate in children’s services.

    We are looking to make some promotional materials in order to demonstrate our how our training is highly diverse and is sensitive to multiculturalism.

    We would very much like to use the image you have above of the three aboriginal children in an information booklet.

    May we please have your consent for the use of this picture?

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kindest regards,

    Krystal Raisbeck
    Training Administration Assistant
    JobCo Employment Services Inc.

  • anthak

    Hi, I would like to use the pic you have of the three children for an assignment. Do you know who the children are, so that i can reference them.

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