Daily Archives: May 11, 2007

Aboriginal Bible – Only 2,285 To Go!

According to Wycliffe, there are 2,286 languages without a Bible yet. Just found out the Aboriginal people now have their own Bible! A translation for them has been completed as of May 5th after 27 years of work. Kriol, a language spoken by 30,000 Australians, is their language. This is the first complete translation of the Bible into an indigenous Australian tongue.

I love languages! Just listening to them is so interesting. If you’re interested in seeing this new Bible, they’ve posted The Lord’s Prayer & Matthew 1-3. Also, there’s a neat radio broadcast from Australia that starts with Psalm 23 so you can hear it. Enjoy & praise the Lord with them:)

Psalm 23:1,2
1 YAWEI, yu jis laik det brabli gudwan stakmen.
Yu oldei maindimbat mi,
en ai garram ebrijing brom yu.
Ai kaan wandim mowa
2 Yu lukaftumbat mi jis laik det stakmen weya im deigim im ship olabat blanga abum spel langa kwaitwan pleis garram bigmob gras en springwoda.

Thanks, Abraham, for sharing this!