Bringing Forth Fruit In Each Season

Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked,
or stand around sinners,
or join in with the scoffers.
But they delight in doing everything the Lord wants;
day & night they think about His Law.
They are like trees planted along the riverbank,
bearing fruit in each season without fail.
Their leaves never wither, and in all they do, they prosper.
Psalm 1:1-3

Several things are floating around in my head right now, so this may not be the most organized post, but it’s one of several I’ve had in the back of my mind for awhile & figure now must be the time to “get it out”. The whole topic will take several posts, but at least this gets the ball rolling. This blogging thing is helping me sort it all out succinctly!

Last night I read Valerie’s blog about bringing God pleasure & helping our children find their way to God’s design in their life. This morning, Keith was talking about this book he’s just started listening to while working out – Desiring God: Confessions of a Christian Hedonist, by John Piper. Good stuff! Keith was sharing how Piper was talking about finishing well. We’ve been talking in Sunday School about worship & how worship is what we were made to do & it should be a part of our whole life. “The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” Notice: “end”, not “ends”. Glorifying God and enjoying Him are not separate! It’s all one thing.:) It should give us pleasure to bring Him pleasure. He made us! Also, you could throw in the whole Donut Man spiel about our lives being like a donut – there’s a hole in the middle of our hearts. We try to fill that God given hole with everything under the sun, but God made that hole to be filled by Him! That’s when we become what we were created to be! And in doing so, we glorify Him.

Ok, so there’s…

– From beginning to end, delighting yourself in the Lord. Worship flows out of that. Finding pleasure in God, not in everything else. I think this is where our God is a jealous God & we have such a tendency to become idolaters – worshiping different things at different seasons of our lives, but none the less, things other than God. The hole in our lives is made to be filled by God alone. When we fill it with Him, it brings us and Him pleasure. We live as we were created to live. I want to be like that tree planted by the rivers of water – steadfast, immovable, well-rooted. (“For You created everything, & it is for Your pleasure that they exist & were created.” Revelation 4:11) (“Take delight in the Lord, & He will give you your heart’s desires.” Psalm 37:4)

– Helping our children start well by finding out what gifts God gave them – what “turns them on” – so they can best fit into God’s plan for their lives as soon as possible. So many kids start out having no clue where they’re going or what they want to do in their lives. They waste some of the most valuable time moaning over not having a boyfriend/girlfriend or undirected toward any goal in life. I don’t want our kids to go through that. I want our kids to bring forth fruit in their earliest seasons! (”Remember now you Creator in the days of your youth…” Ecclesiastes 12:1)

– Wanting to Finish Well: Adding Life to Your Years, actually a book by Ted Engstrom. People are so concerned right now with adding years to life, but who cares! We’re all going to die! 100% mortality rate! What really matters is, how are you using the life God gave you? All of it? From beginning to end? I see so many with this retirement mentality & thinking the chief end of life is to get to retirement age so you can sit around & do nothing. I don’t get it. I don’t want my leaves to wither! (”Teach us to number our days…” Psalm 90:12)

I do need to get other things done besides blogging today. I can see this will be four, five posts? But this gets the general outline down. More another day.


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