Ballet, Beans, & Coming Kitties

Life’s been busy here lately, thus the slow down in posts. Today, the kids & I went to see Sleeping Beauty at the Ohio Theatre. Went pretty well. Callie was a little disappointed that there were no words, but other than that. Anders was very impressed by the sparkly outfits – we sat in the third row. OHVA always gets us awesome seats! The days when I got into those things as a homeschooler (on my own) they always ended up in the seats in the back row; often in the balcony even! OHVA gets more notice due to numbers I guess. Works for me!

We’ve been doing our annual seed germination study over the last week. First, we pick out five or six various envelopes at the dime seed packet display. Then we carefully put the seeds in a baggie with water-logged paper towels. Mind you, we do this every year, but it never ceases to bring amazement & excitement to every member of the household when we see those little dried up seeds pop open with life in only a few days! The beans, corn, & peas were the first to push their little sprouts through in a mere three days. We’re still waiting on the melon & sunflowers. The wonder of God’s creation & awesomeness of life is really on showcase in that little baggie on our windowsill!

Oh, and Beauty’s going to have kitties! We don’t know when, but she’s definitely expecting.:) Callie is in seventh heaven.




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