The Annual Klondike Bar

What would you do for a Klondike bar? Last night we had our annual Energy Co-op Meeting for our rural electric company. Every year Keith stays home to get papers graded in peace & the kids & I go. They get to play fun games in the ajoining room (they’re always the only kids that come & there’s a room full of babysitters waiting for them) & drink a can of pop while I sit & veg for an hour & listen to the electric guys tell me what a fantastic job they are doing in a room full of elderly. People my age (meaning the 20 something to 60 something crowd) never go to these things, I don’t know why. We all get a round of Klondike bars on the house & a $10 credit on our bill for next month. That at least pays for the gas to get there.:) There’s also a raffle for a chance at one of 26 prizes – more credit on your electric bill. I’ve won the raffle a few times over the years; in fact, won ten extra bucks this year! Plus they always give you something in your “goody bag” to take home. One year it was a solar calculator, another a night light, this year a heavy duty extention cord!!!! Hey!!! And of course they give you a few light bulbs to take home. (Yes, the old fashioned incandescent kind.)

Anyway, both Anders & Nate got all excited when I told them it was the night of the “electric party”. They said, “You mean the place where we get Dick Van Dykes bars!?” I kid you not. I have no idea how my kids know Dick Van Dyke’s name. Mom? Have you been letting the kids watch Diagnosis Murder when they’re with you? Anyway, I think it is hilarious that they associate the Klondike with the “electric party” & think they’re called Dick Van Dykes. I guess I never do buy them. So, my poor kids look forward to the annual electric party where they can indulge on a coveted Dick Van Dyke bar! What kind of sick world am I creating for these kiddos to grow up in?!

b-dick-van-dyke.jpg b-klondike.jpg b-light-bulb.jpg

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