Which One Would You Choose?

Ok, you all made it easier for us to pick the VBS theme. I thought this could be a great way to decide about the Club theme for next year. Here are a few ideas that have come to mind. Which one would you do?


Theme One: Outback Aussie / “Following the Good Shepherd” – Bible stories centered around sheep. To make it “cool”, we could be referred to as Jackaroos & Jillaroos (Australian sheep ranchers), maybe throw around some Aussie lingo, Mate? Wear Crocodile Dundee type clothes? Maybe our “uniform” where the pins & patches go on could be a vest or hat?


Theme Two: Carpenter’s Club “Building Character to Become More Like Jesus” – Bible stories centered around building character. We could have tool belts for their awards, as well as their verse clips & tracts or wordless book?


Theme Three: Food/Chef “Taste & see that the Lord is good!” – Bible stories centered around food: everything from the Fruit of the Spirit to the Tree of Life in Rev., from Daniel’s veggie diet to the birds feeding Elijah, from Adam & Eve eating the fruit to Jesus commanding us to bear fruit, then there’s Jesus feeding the 5,000, faith of a mustard seed, & the Bible being more precious than honey. The list is virtually endless! We could use chef aprons for our awards the crazy teachers could wear chef hats.


Theme Four: Numbers “Seek first the Kingdom of God & his righteousness” or “Teach us to number our days.” – Bible stories would center around the many numbers in the Bible: significance of 7, 40, & 12, 10 Commandments, 12 disciples & tribes of Israel, 8 Beatitudes, 66 Books of the Bible, 7 Detestibles, 7 gifts of the Spirit, the Trinity!, forgive 70×7, the 12 gates in Rev. 21 & Nehemiah, Jesus feed s the 5,000, 7 churches of Rev., 9 Fruit of the Spirit, 11 hindrances to prayer, etc. We could use a mystery theme & maybe have the kids solve the mystery each week having to do with the Bible story. We could use magnifying glasses & Sherlock Holmes type hat to put award pins on?


Theme Five: Camping “Have any ideas here? ” – Bible stories centered around fire & tents: from Isaac being offered up to the Lord, Elijah & the prophets of Baal, Sodom & Gomorrah, Elijah’s chariot of fire, the Tabernacle (that’s about six weeks worth of stuff right there!), Gideon’s lamps & trumpets, the ten virgins & their lamps, the three thrown into the fire, Isaiah’s calling in Isaiah 6, the fire & snake with Paul in Acts 28 as well as Paul being a tent maker, etc. For our uniforms, we could use backpacks of some kind for our Bibles, verse clips & awards. We could have a small tent & fake campfire set up each week for effect.:)


Theme Six: Water/Lifeguard/life Saver “He that comes to Me will never thirst again” or “Jesus is our Life Saver” – Bible stories centered around water, boats, etc… no need to list them there are so many! For uniforms, we could go with a lifesaver type shirt? The teachers could all have whistles for effect? I could lead singing from a high chair (we have one:) with an umbrella?

Ok, this post has gone on long enough! You’ve got the idea. Here are a few other ideas being tossed around: Doctor Theme – labcoats, Jesus heals, etc. Farmer Theme – overalls & straw hat, sower & seeds, Cain vs. Abel, etc. Animal Theme – there are sooo many animals in the Bible! from Balaam’s donkey to the proverbial ant to the unclean sheet Peter saw & everything in between. Authors or Post man Theme: learn about all the authors that wrote the Bible.

So there you have it. Does one of these stand out to you? Which one would you choose if you were me? Which one would appeal to your children? This is for boys and girls aged 4 to 12. Any advice or comments to make the decision easier would be appreciated.

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