Sunday School was so good this week! It was a guy named Mike Colman (President of Integrity Music) from ten years ago talking to a bunch of Liberty worship majors, but it is so applicable to me; and most of those who read my blog are Christian moms, so you as well. And so I share…

The distinguishing mark of the people of God is His presence. If His presence isn’t there, how are we different? In Exodus 33:13-16, Moses was talking face to face with God – incredible right there! But he told God, “If You do not go with us personally, don’t let us move a step from this place. How else will others know that we are Your people? How will we be distinct from other people on the earth?” (paraphrased a very little bit.)

Exodus 33:13 paraphrased, “Lord, these are Your people.” Here Moses reminds God that Israel is God’s chosen people, not Moses’. Lesson: If you start thinking of the people you minister to as “your people”, you’ll get tired really quickly. Remember, it’s God’s people! God calls us to do things with & for His people. When you’ve been called by God, you should call on Him for His power to do your calling, but…don’t stop there!

(Exodus 33:17-22) Moses asked God to go with the people & him, but then went on to ask to see God’s glory! And God granted his request!! And then covered Moses with His Hand as He did it!! It doesn’t scare God or make Him nervous to ask for more. I love that! The Lord is in the business of revealing His glory – He wants to! Note: Moses asked to see God’s glory & God revealed His goodness.

2 Corinthians 3:7-18 goes right along with this Exodus passage. Here Paul writes about the glory of the New Covenant (vs. the Old one given to Moses). Read it after Exodus 33 & see if you don’t get excited! I dare you. It ends with

“All of us have had that veil removed so that we can be mirrors that brightly reflect the glory of the Lord. And as the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more & more like Him & reflect His glory even more.”

Remember, God showed Moses His goodness when He showed Moses His glory. So, glory & goodness can be seen as interchangeable to some extent. That makes it a whole lot less “mysterious” for me. I can more easily get my hands around what goodness looks like, can’t you?

Am I reflecting God’s glory/goodness today? Polish those mirrors, sisters! Remember, God gave us these people (children) to minister to so we can reveal His glory!:) What a high & holy calling!! Remember, too, that these are God’s children, not ours. He will give us all we need to do this calling when we ask. And, He likes it when we ask for more. Let’s get greedy in our calling. Ask Him for more!

Lord, I do ask that you reveal your glory/goodness to us today & in so doing, we reflect You in our homes. We need the Fruit of Your Spirit to do all that You’ve called us to do! We can’t do it without You. Don’t let us go one step from this place without You going with us. Without You, how will we any be different from the rest of this rapidly falling world? Lord, we do want more! More of You in our daily lives. More of Your glory & goodness! More of Your Fruit! Cover us & our homes with Your hand today. Thank You again for Your Holy Spirit that lives in us & works in us. You are GOOD!

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