What I Did On Easter Vacation – The 100th Post

Well, here it is; the 100th post. Took three & a half months to get here. Now, what to write about…

This week has been Keith & Nate’s Easter Break, so a bit unusual. We always have these grandeous dreams of clicking lots off the “to do list”, but at the same time try really hard not to get our hopes up too high so they don’t come crashing down at the end of the week when we don’t get so much done which invariably happens. This year was no exception. We got a lot done, it’s just that most was not on “the list”.

We did get the lamps replaced in the kitchen & dining room!! Yeah! And we got the computer somewhat rearranged which really needed to be done. And the first lawn mowing of the season is done. The odd thing about that one is that we have snow outside right now. The weather keeps going back & forth. The poor daffodils & magnolia tree are suffering for it this year.

We have been needing to get the “white list” thing going for the kids. Our blocker works well, but like I want to be able to find songs on youtube, but not let the kids be able to get onto youtube. There’s tons of garbage on there! And Callie has been found on ebay trying to buy a new copy of Candy Land recently; not maliciously, it’s just that she can! If she had found the password, oh my!! So, you can set up another account where the kids can only get on the sites you list. I was not looking forward to this task as it was, thinking it would be an afternoon’s job. Three days later, many phone calls & time on hold, emails of S.O.S., uninstalling & reinstalling, etc. the job is done. As with the lamps, I was seconds away from throwing the said item being worked on out for rubbish pick up Sunday night!! God gave me Keith to keep things like that from happening around here, bless his heart.

Oh, & Luke, I’m fully moved over to Mozilla now. Keith persuaded me & I saw the light. Our favorites are now melded & synched & all that. Nice.

Stuff not on the list from this week include purchasing & playing new family games (Trouble, Chinese Checkers, & Memory – we are entering the golden age of game playing as a family – exciting for Keith & me!!), Nate’s Quiz Meet, Callie’s “bedazzle stay over night party” with the girl cousins at Grandma’s, Anders having some crazy days (a way, way nother post – I’ve resorted to being militant about his sleeping patterns in hopes of better times), taking the kids to the library for some relaxed browsing, attending a funeral, Keith’s history class & paper, & me turning 37.

Here we are a week later, with new lamps & a computer that runs more like we intended. We’ve had several family gatherings, one more to get to, and Keith & I had a few hours to dream about Club & Teen ministry together. That’s something we’ve missed since coming back from Korea. In Korea we had time to burn dreaming about… you name it! Our future, the ministry, cute things Nate did, funny things the students said, etc. Time together is much more rare & limited now. But this week, we took a few mornings & gabbed while we exercised. This also put me behind on my Rush intake, but who cares. So I didn’t hear about the Imus flap until three days after it happened. Keith & I have the Club schedule & ideas for outreach hashed out. That was fun.:)

One response to “What I Did On Easter Vacation – The 100th Post

  • Valerie

    Welcome to Mozilla. So good of you to join us from the Dark Side…
    Glad you got your lamps changed, although you now will have to go back to vacuuming that space on the floor they took up…

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