Grandpa Royal, April Fools & High School Pranks…

An April 1st doesn’t go by that I don’t think about my grandpa Royal. He loved this day! Both of my grandpas were what you would call characters, but Grandpa Royal was the king of a good joke.

One of my favorite April Fools memory is of calling Grandpa the year we took a high school choir tour down south. We had just gotten back & I made the customary call to Grandma & pa to tell them I was back & safe. “One hitch, though. My suitcase was stolen. It had a lot of my clothes & even my Bible! Oh, well, they must need it worse than I do.” Grandpa fell for it hook, line & sinker, not thinking about what day it was! I waited about an hour before calling him back to remind him. By then, I knew he would’ve called the whole family spreading the newest family happenings.:) He did. I got him!! He got a good laugh out of it. It was hard to get him because he was usually on his toes about the day, having spent the last few mulling over what he himself was going to pull on various family members & friends.

My aunt Charley has historically been the easiest to “get”, although she isn’t anymore. Too many years of Grandpa calling her at wee morning hours telling her excitedly to look out at the deer in the lawn have made her all too keenly aware of the date.

This year, since it was Sunday & Palm Sunday at that, my creative juices just weren’t flowing in that direction. Next year maybe I’ll make up for it. This year, though, since Callie was traveling with all those female relatives, we had to pack some fun for her to spread. She packed a bag of fake spiders, centepede, scorpion, a stuffed mouse, etc. to try & scare one of the grandmas. Didn’t work, but she had fun trying. It was fun just watching her six year old wiggley-toothed grin as she packed them & told how she would make grandma scream at the fake mouse. “She hates mice! Does Charley hate mice? I bet she hates spiders.”

Personal best year for April Fools prank: the year in high school (can’t remember if it was jr. or sr. year) when April 1st was on a Saturday. I tailored pranks for each of my three best friends. For Candee, whose family managed & lived in a hotel, I called & told her our house burned down last night & could we please stay at her hotel until the insurance went through? I know it sounds cruel, but you have to know Candee. I was laughing & she was in tears! It’s not like I hadn’t pulled stuff on her before. I used to enjoy telling her how meaningful Hezekiah 3:17 was or Psalm 152. She’d take it in, then like three periods in the day later say, “HEY! There is no Hezekiah/ Psalm 152!!!!” etc.

For another friend (who shall remain nameless to protect her dignity),who had a crush on Jack which she vehemently denied, I called & told her Jack had just asked me to the prom. I will never forget the sound of her voice as she tried in vain to sound happy for me! It was hilarious!! It still makes me laugh!

I can’t remember what I did for the third friend that year, but I remember what she did to me! Didn’t fess up to it until our wedding rehersal dinner. She claims she put a piece of formaldahyde pickled animal we were disecting in a sandwich of mine. I have no recollection of this, so am not sure I believe her, but that’s how the story goes!

Anyway, all of these friends forgave me & even loved me enough to be bridesmaids at our wedding, bless their hearts. We had fun together through those high school years. Everyone thought we were the innocent sweet girls that wouldn’t pull anything & we were, but we still had fun toilet papering our science teacher’s house, etc. The great thing was, the wrestlers got blamed for it!

Now, what to do next year?

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