March School Musicals – Reprise


The kids & I saw the dress rehersal of Beauty & The Beast yesterday at Gilead Christian. Excellent job!! Callie fell in love with the Beast & thought all of Belle’s dresses were wonderful. We knew most of the orchestra pit from church & the kids’ babysitter was a giggly towngirl. Also a couple little girls who are in Nate & Callie’s class at church were wolves, so that made it extra fun knowing people in the cast!

Had to take Coach Hines off. My conscience was bothering me too much. There’s so much wrong with that skit. He’s a combo of a few teachers I have known; that’s what is so funny! But he is so inappropriate! So my better judgment won & off he went. If you got a chuckle out of him, good. If you were offended by him, sorry. I’ll try to control myself next time.:)

I always love a live production any day over any movie! There’s just something about the theater. In late April, we’re scheduled to attend Sleeping Beauty at The Ohio Theatre. Callie will go absolutely nuts at that one! Her favorite princess! Will post afterwards.

PS – The other musical we took in this spring was Honk a couple weekends ago at the school where Keith works. It was cute, too – the ugly duckling story. It’s getting to where more & more of Keith’s former students are in the cast now – fun!

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