It’s A Jolly Holiday With Hubby; No Wonder That It’s Hubby That I Love!

One of the many reasons I love my husband is that he can have fun without having to spend a lot of money. He loves to just have fun & make life fun. God knew I needed that in my life!

When we were first married, he made every day a holiday, literally. There was “I Love Leigh Ann Day”, half way between his & my birthday – March 13th. Then there was White Day, March 14th – the Korean Valentine’s Day where the woman gives gifts to her “lover” (it always drove us nuts when our Korean students used that word & they did it frequently!). We have a book that tells different official days for each day of the year (remember we’re both elementary teachers) like “Bubble Gum Day” or “Backwards Day”. We still get it out every once in a while, but we used it all the time the first year or so.

Because of this propensity, it was convenient that we had a birthday in February & April & got married in December to spread the celebrating out throughout the year. When our first child was born, he added July to the especially festive months. Our second was a January baby, so made it even better.

Our third baby, however, was due one day before my birthday. From the get-go, Keith said he would like the baby to come in late March. Since our first two were early, we figured this one would come early, too, but I didn’t want him to come much earlier than two weeks early! Being due on April 13th, that really only gave him one desired birthdate, poor kid!

Castor oil has been effective for us when it comes to bringing on a delivery. This was not a unequivocally proven tactic – only tested twice – but both times, two days after taking the stuff, we had a baby. We tried it for the third time & sure enough, it worked then, too!

Anders came totally naturally on the very last day of March at 4:30 pm. He came in on the deadline his Daddy gave him by a mere few hours, but he made it! From the beginning he has been his Daddy’s little guy. He even listened to his Daddy about the day to be born!:)

So now, we have a special reason to celebrate March – no overlapping of months. It’s a minor thing, but fun fact.


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