Yesterday Callie came in all excited with a mini bouquet of crocus – spring has sprung! Seeing those little yellow & white flowers reminded me of when we planted them. For years Keith & I had wanted to plant spring bulbs around the farmhouse & for various reasons, it didn’t pan out. Fall of ’05 was finally the year. The long-anticipated order of bulbs arrived sometime in October & Dad of course, would be over to help me get them arranged in the ground just right. He really should’ve been a professional landscaper!

Time went by & before we knew it, it was November. God called Dad home that first Saturday in November so we didn’t get to plant that box of bulbs together like we had planned. But my little brother, Paul, bless his heart helped us plant them all the afternoon after Dad’s morning funeral. It was about the most appropriate thing I could think of to do & really was therapeutic. Dad loves flowers! He would love to see all of them coming up now. But I’m sure his garden There is much better. In fact, I would bet he’s on the gardening staff in Heaven & loving every minute of it as we speak.

Anyway, I told Callie to go look at Grandma’s crocuses because there’s a bunch up the front path. I told her she’s likely to see a purple one in that bunch because I remember planting quite a few purple ones there. Anders wanted to know if he helped plant them. That took me back to the moment Dad & I planted those around their house the fall before Anders was born. I remember telling Callie & Nate as they watched us that as soon as they see these flowers come up, a new baby would arrive at our house. Every year with the arrival of those little crocuses, not only does my heart leap at the excitement of the first glipse of all our beautiful spring flowers, but they give my heart a bit of a tug thinking of planting with Dad & anticipating our new baby with their arrival. Sweet, sweet memories!

These crocuses are for you, Mom. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for picking a great man to marry 42 years ago. I have been immeasurably blessed to have grown up in the home you two made together.


One response to “Crocuses

  • Uncle Paul

    I feel the same way, Leigh Ann. I too appreciate all the memories of Dad and Mom together. Intersetingly, flowers played an important role in each of our lives growing up. I think they symbolize new life and hope in Christ about as well as anything. Thanks for this reminder.

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