St. Patty’s Day Activities

Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya!! It’s snowing again today – March.

Here’s thirteen cute St. Patrick’s Day ideas I stumbled across from Daughter of Hope.
Thanks Alicia!

1 – Draw a face on the leprechaun at Crayola. (Register first & they’ll let you in.)
2 – Try the mazes from beginner to complex at Kid’s Domain.
3 – Cute printable preschool workbook from Giggly Games.
4 – Read about who Patrick really was as well as his actual writings at A Joyful Heart.
5 – Make some pot of gold jello and clover cupcakes from Family Fun.
6 – Make and hang the shamrock shimmers at Nestle’s Very Best Baking. (Register first.)
7 – Find a dancing fairy and other lovely paper crafts at the Toymaker.
8 – Choose a celtic cross coloring page at Apples4theTeacher.
9 – Scroll down this page to find instructions for pepper painting shamrocks. (I like teh Irish flag tehre, too.)
10 – Print sweet bookmarks at Jen Brett’s website.
11 – Do your copywork on St. Patty’s handwriting paper from BillyBear4Kids.
12 – Make a leprechaun friend at Making Friends.
13 – Complete the wordsearch from The Family Corner.

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