“Under the Big Top” or “The Law, Pardner”?

We’ve got our material & music all picked out for VBS – God’s Top Ten Commandments. We just need something to “wrap it up”; a theme that we can use for publicity & excitement. I, with Mom & Keith’s help!, did some kicking around of theme ideas here & developed two viable options. Both would be easy to find bulletin board sets in a teacher store, clipart fun, themed paper or whatever. Which would you pick, or do you have a better idea?…
1 – Western Theme (“It’s the Law, Pardner!”; the lawless west was not good.
Following God’s Law is a good thing.)

Publicity: WANTED! You! At GAC on Wed. at 7-8:30 this summer… Join us for
a rootin’ tootin’ good time!

Characters: (for two guys in the church who do a skit during the opening) Chuck Wagon & Russell Upsomegrub, the person who gives the Gospel presentation at the end of the night – Sheriff G.R. Ace

Decorations: Ten giant badges (cardboard & tinfoil?) with The Law on them to
hang on the wall, etc.

Contest stuff: See which team can earn the most badges on their “vest”, we could have different colored bandanas for each team, etc.

Food Ideas: Cow patties (nobake cookies), trail mix, apples, chili,

Misc.: Outlaws, The Law, tumbleweeds, funny names like “One-Shot Wayne”,


2 – Circus Theme (“Under the Big Top” – idea of God’s protection for us when we get under His Commandments)

Publicity: Come one! Come all! To God’s “Big Top” 10 Commandments!

Characters: Clowns (one man in our church already has a clown gig & could blow up balloon animals at welcoming), Ringmaster?, “Strong Man”?, Jugglers?,

Decorations: Striped “tent”, big circus animals with a Commandment on each one around the room, balloons numbered 1-10, animals – lion, seal, elephant, tiger,

Contest Stuff: a circus train? add a new car to the train, or jugglers? add a

Food Ideas: hot dogs, cotton candy, circus peanuts (yuck!!), peanuts in shell,
popcorn, animal crackers,

Misc.: circus tickets given out, red noses, mustaches for the girls:), mime,
strings of those colored pennants, etc.

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