Lemonade Lina

The weather was so nice today! The kids spent quite a bit of their day outside getting reaquainted with their play spaces out there – the berry patch, tall bush on the east side of the house, playing hopscotch on the driveway, etc.

Callie talked about putting up a lemonade stand in November & we told her back then that when the weather turns nice again, we’ll talk about it. But we also told her there’s not enough traffic by our house & that might be a fun activity to do in Minnesota at Grandma’s this summer. That was the last we thought about it, but not Callie! While I was busy with something else this afternoon, right before dinner, she had mixed herself up a pitcher of pink lemonade, Anders had gotten down a little glass, & they were sitting up on the bank blowing their new shiney whistle at cars going by! (We went on a tour of the American Whistle Factory yesterday & everyone came home with a whistle complete with colored lanyard.)

I had to get pictures! It was too funny. Here was Callie sitting with her pitcher & a sign she made with a highlighter. Anders had his safety goggles on (who knows why) & was the whistle blower. They’d yell, “Lemonade! Come get your lemonade!” Whenever a car went by. Anders drank half the pitcher while I took pictures! Callie said she was going to ask $10 a cup. I told her she could ask it, but she won’t get it! We proceeded to have a short economics lesson on the front lawn.

It was cute but unprofitable. I think we will try to do something at Grandma’s this summer after all.

One response to “Lemonade Lina

  • Sara

    I’m here to offer some professional advice to Callie. I too have sat on that hill screaming at cars passing by at 55 mph to stop for some delicious lemonade. It is VERY frustrating. I recommend that she waits until mowing season. Grandmas and Daddies and Uncles LOVE to buy cold lemonade when they are out working in the yard!!

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