The Daily Grind


I’m pleased to report that Callie is now a shoe-tier.:) My kids are late on this, I realize. I use Velcro shoes as long as possible, so the opportunity doesn’t present itself as often for this lesson. I have to note it is painful to watch, but she gets it done! Thus the picture of her on the bench smiling with her shoe.

Callie’s reading Rapunzel this week & made a playset for it. Anders has consented to play the part of the prince. Callie also really wants to cook. She came up with her own recipe for muffins & asked if she could whip some up for us. I told her maybe someday – when she has her own family! Her recipe is pictured to the right so you can read what I mean – it’s a little heavy on the barbeque sauce! Someday, if she becomes the next Rachel Ray, this can go in her book as her first go at it.

Nate finished The Hobbit yesterday & made a map of Middle Earth in conjuction with that. Pictures of all to the right…

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