Dollar Tree to the Rescue?

Today did not go as planned – at least not what I had planned. But I am convinced God is at work in all the craziness this week somewhere! Yesterday, I spent the whole morning getting our computer up & running again. Then today, our pipes froze again! Monday was teacher meetings until late, mine with Nate’s teacher was among them, I was signed up to take two sets of treats to school – one for the bake sale & one for the PTO both of which were forgotten until 7 am that morning. Top that all off with a soon-to-be four year old who has decided to act like he has no training this last week & you got yourself one discouraged Momma. Thankfully, the other two kids have been for the most part excelling under our new system of discipline, although they, too, have had their moments.

Anders for some reason has been prone to do the exact opposite of whatever I have asked him to do for the last few days. Then he’ll proceed to do things he knows he knows he shouldn’t do! It started rearing it’s ugly head at the Syrup Festival this weekend. There were a few incidences where he ignored my commands outright – why is it they choose to start that out in public? Sunday night, Keith & I started on a major prayer battle for him due to the day. Monday, let’s just say he was in the red with the coin system! Today, Tuesday, he had lost all his coins by 9 am!!! I was shaking in my socks. Keith called to give him a pep talk & told us he was praying for us. We decided to head over to Grandma’s so I could shower & think what we could do to salvage the day.

After getting my shower & letting the kids enjoy NickJr. (Grandma has cable!), we decided to go into town. Mind you, I can’t remember ever just trucking into town without having an errand list with at least four stops. So just going out to eat was weird & of course we had coupons to justify it even further. When we drove past all those new shops going up that we never stop & look around at, I thought this was the day even though Anders would probably cut any stops short & we’ll end up going home. The first shop was successful – a five minute stop. Next we spotted the new Dollar Tree in town. Now the plan was to take the three here to spend their earned coins at the end of the month, but Nate owed us, Anders had so little & he needed cushion for those days he ended up in the red, & Callie likes to save her money. Plus, I didn’t know the store was done & open, but it was, so we stopped.

God works in mysterious ways. Anders was warned he would be in the cart if he pulled anything & within two minutes, he did & was. I expected a huge scream & fit in accordance with the week, so warned him against it, & to my surprise this time, he didn’t pitch one. Then he watched as Callie carefully chose three treats as we moseyed down all the aisles. I reminded Anders of how Mommy & Daddy would love to treat Anders, but we have to have his obedience. All those coins he lost last month would’ve been fun to spend, but he doesn’t have any. He heard me. He bowed is little head & sniffed a few times. “What’s the matter, Anders?” “I don’t have any coins.” I was then able to explain to a tender litle guy how he just has to do what’s right & obey. Then he can keep his coins like Callie. He eyed the policeman set & I could see the wheels turning. It really was precious. I think that trip got through to him.

Callie chose three treats & wisely wanted to save the rest of her money. She got a bag of Cowtails (Grandpa Don used to get those “for the kids”), a bunny wristwatch, & a magnetic tube of lipgloss with Sleeping Beauty on it (she can’t resist SB). Right away she wanted to give a Cowtail to Anders but I told her she needed to pass this time in spite of the fact I’m proud of her generosity. Anders needed to taste repentance. He understood & was pretty quiet the ride home. Speaking of: does anyone else have an overly generous soul in the family? How do you balance praising generosity with not letting the others take advantage of her? I haven’t figured out how to praise one & yet curtail the other. (Any ideas, please share.)

Callie on the other hand, had a lot to say on the ride home. Someone had given the kids some Valentine McDonalds coupons for free cones, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to use them. Except that their ice cream machine was broken! So, we left without & Anders was not too happy about that. I told him, “It’s not the end of the world, Anders. We can use the coupons another day. Maybe we’ll find something else while we putz around town.” Callie immediately piped up, “Even if it was the end of the world, that would be good because Satan gets blown up at the end, right Momma? I can’t wait to see that!” She comes up with some great ones at the least expected moments! This for some reason got her thinking about God not having a wife (don’t ask me how!). She said it makes her sad that God can’t have a wife. I tried to explain how God doesn’t need a wife because He’s complete as He is. He made people to need each other. Daddy has strengths that I need him for & he has weaknesses that he needs Mommy for. I’m not able to do some things that Daddy’s really good at & I need him to do for me, & I’m good at some things that Daddy’s not very good at & he needs me to do for him. We “compliment” each other & God put us together because we need each other. God can do everything perfectly, so He doesn’t need help with anything! He made boys & girls to need each other.

It was a fun discussion. I got home feeling much more hopeful that Anders was having a heart change, more appreciative of my super hubby after thinking about how much we really do compliment each other, & our water was running.:) It wasn’t what I expected for the day, but not a bad one after all!

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