Anders’ Ghosts & Lies

Anders has this thing for ghosts. It’s pretty funny because our family doesn’t read ghost stories or talk about ghosts. Nate has seen a few Scooby Doo videos & thus exposed Anders, but that’s the extent our family has anything to do with ghosts. Don’t ask me why or how, but he often blames them saying with troubling sincerity, “Maybe a ghost did it!” Or he’ll say he sees a ghost or hears a ghost. If you really want to get him going, say “Ar-r-r-n-o-o-old!” in a ghost voice & he gets this funny look on his face & demands you quit. That’s from a Magic School Bus we got from the library about Arnold, one of the characters, shrinking & going into a stomach or some such thing to show how the digestive system works. He thought somehow there was a ghost associated there! Then there was the time we saw The Christmas Carol – he was obsessed with Jacob Marley, the “green ghost”, for weeks! Marley was played by a guy with green makeup on & came out of the fireplace in a puff of smoke – most awesome & memorable for our Nanders.:)

All this to say, we often get ghost questions or comments from our little guy. One of these came the other day. He was saying ghosts are real, etc. & Callie was saying they weren’t. Somehow the grandpas got thrown in there. I jumped in. It’s not an easy topic to explain really. We talked about how the grandpas are not ghosts like Jacob Marley roaming around the earth; they are with Jesus! Callie asked if they were ghosts in heaven floating around. I told them how God gave them new bodies; their old ones are in the ground & they don’t need them right now. Their new ones are better because they will never get old or sick again ever. I got to explain how they look the same still – we’ll recognize them in heaven some day. Kids bring up some pretty interesting conversation!

UPDATE TO THE COIN SYSTEM: To help us narrow down to one main thing we are working on with each child, we write that one thing on the side in the book by the child’s name & each offense in that department results in two coins removed. All other offenses are one coin each. At the end of the month then, we can re-evaluate to see if there’s a new focus for each child; if they’ve moved on to a new thing to work on. For example, right now, Anders’ main thing to work on is this lying – we want to nip that before it starts to bud! Callie is keeping consistantly dry at night, & Nate is working on not “barking” at his siblings. This is helping me as well as the kids focus on one thing rather than get overwhelmed & discouraged by too many things to work on at once, while still working diligently on something to perfect & we all know what we are working on.

Anyway, since Anders is working on not lying, Keith was giving him a pep talk at the table the other night by telling the story of the little boy who cried wolf. Anders listened quietly through the whole story. At the end, Keith was telling how the little boy called & no one came to help him so the wolf ate him all up! Anders’ response? “Ouch, that must have hurt!”

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