Happy Second Re-Birthday, Dear Callie…

Friday Night, March 4, 2005
by: Grandma Carol

I came at 5:00 to watch the kids while Keith & Leigh Ann went to Mansfield. The evening was pretty normal – Charlie Brown & Frosty the Snowman video marathon – scrambled eggs & peanut butter toast.

At bedtime, the kids brought the Bible & Nate said the next story was the last one – “Revelation – the Lamb’s Book of Life”. As I read it, it gave a clear invitation & “how-to” prayer. Also, they had me sing the song – “Into My heart” that comes after the story. I was aware of how close Callie is to this decision, so I was prepared to talk to her about discussing this with Mom & Dad. But Nate said, “Callie, why don’t you pray that prayer. I did! You know you’re a sinner, etc.” Callie got a very serious look on her face & said, “I will soon!” So I said yes, maybe even tomorrow talk to Mom & Dad. I prayed with them. I said Amen. But when I looked up, Nate was still earnestly praying. When he was finished, I asked him if he had wanted to pray too, but he said no – he was talking to God in his head.

As I was closing up the Bible, Callie said she wanted to pray, too. So she did…

“Dear Lord, I love You so much. I know I’m a sinner, but I want You to come into my heart.”

Then she turned to me with a big smile & said, “It’s all about loving Jesus!” & hugged me very tight.

Nate went ballistic & said he’d prayed & asked God to let her invite Jesus in, but he didn’t think it would happen so soon. He then proceeded to do “follow-up” with her – telling her that now Jesus was in her heart & they were family of God & they’d all in heaven together, etc. -smile-

Grandpa Don got called. Callie had to tell someone. He came over – we rejoiced – & she can’t wait for you two to know.:)

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