Amazing Grace

Keith & I are going to the movies tonight!! This is a rare treat. We never have been avid movie goers, although when we were first married, the dollar theater was a few miles away, so without babysitting concerns, etc. we went whenever there was a decent movie playing – maybe once a quarter? We are choosey about who we give our hard earned twenty-bucks-at-a-crack to… The Passion of the Christ, End of the Spear, I think we saw Saving Private Ryan at the theater. Nowadays, we wait the mere six months for the DVD to come to the library & watch it in the comfort of our own giant overstuffed chair after the kiddos go down for the night. Keith usually starts falling asleep half way through unless it’s one of his action picks. Then we pick up the second half the next weekend. Lately we haven’t bothered with any Hollywood offerings. We just started watching Lost, season one. That’s one of those shows we’ve wanted to see, but didn’t have time to catch when it first came out, so thanks again to the wonder of DVD, L & V loaned us the whole season for our viewing pleasure at our leasure, so that’s booked our film/date nights for this year. Or, if it’s a family film (better yet), we have a movie night some Friday & pop popcorn & let the kids stay up late for say, Cars. Cute movie!

Anyway, Mom’s watching the littles tonight so Keith & I can head down to Columbus for a big date! Amazing Grace is the feature film. Check out the website – there’s lots of good info there! Focus on the Family had a two part discussion on it last week. I thought, because of the title Amazing Grace, that it would be about John Newton, a former slave trader & writer of the hymn. But it is about William Wilberforce, a British statesman, who was the key person who brought about the abolishment of slavery without bloodshed in England several decades before our Civil War! He & John Newton were friends, so Newton is in the film, but he’s the old guy, not the younger one. Sounds like it’s going to be good! (See my VodPod for the trailer.) It’s good to see some quality & substance coming out of the film industry. These films usually don’t get much attention, though, sadly. Hope this one does!

Dr. Dobson pointed out the similarities between slavery & abortion in the discussion last week. They are so good, thought I’d pass them on…

Slavery – 1857 was the Dred Scott decision passed 7-2 that deemed blacks “not fully human”.
Abortion – 1973 was the Rowe v Wade decision passed 7-2 that declared the fetus “is not fully human”.
Slavery – considered blacks “non-persons”; individual property of the owner.
Abortion – based on the notion the pre-born are “non-human”; property of the mother.
Slavery – gave the owner the choice to buy, sell, & kill, all legally.
Abortion – gives the mother the choice to keep or kill, either way legally.

We look back at slavery in this country as well as the Germans in Nazi Germany & say, “How could they do that to other human beings? How could people just turn away & pretend they didn’t know what was going on around them?” How are we any different today!? Dobson asks, “Where are the Wilberforces of our day?” Good question! May God raise them up quickly, wherever they are!!

One response to “Amazing Grace

  • Charley

    Have fun tonight! I have heard very very good reviews on this movie.
    I also love the picture of C. coming in from outside and crying! It is so C. (and S.)

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