George Washington

In honor of George Washington’s birthday, I have to share some “George-isms” – modern language version of his Rules of Civility. There’s a little book by that title in our library, done in 2000; “The 110 Rules George Washington Wrote When he was 14 and Lived by all his life… George-isms”. It gives the quote, then a modern equivalent under it – very nice. Here’s a sampling…

Rule #38 – “In visiting the sick, do not presently play the physician if you be not knowing therein.”

When you’re with a sick person, don’t act like his doctor if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Rule #56 – “Associate yourself with men of good quality, if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.”

Be friends with people you admire; it is better to be alone than in bad company.

Rule # 83 – “When you deliver a matter do it with passion & with discretion, however mean the person be you do it to.”

When you take up a task, do it with all your heart, even if there’s little reward.

Rule # 92 – “Take no salt, nor cut your bread with your greasy knife.”

Don’t reach into a salt cellar or a serving dish with silverware you’ve been eating with.

Rule # 98 – Drink not, nor talk with your mouth full; neither gaze about you while you are drinking.”

Don’t talk when your mouth is full from eating or drinking; and don’t stare at people when you’re having something to drink.

Great, aren’t they? I’m thinking of having each of my children use these as their writing assignments when they are in fifth grade – re-write George’s Rules. That would take them through a good part of the year & teach them a few things at once.

By the way, some have asked how the morning exercise routine is going. Great!! Keith & I have been faithfully getting up & exercising together & listening through the Washington CDs. Did you know that Lafeyette was only 19 when he came over to help with our Revolutionary War? Did you know that the winter of 1779-80 was a lot worse on the troops than the winter at Valley Forge? Did you know that George held the title of Commander in Chief under John Adams, too? Oh, the things you learn when you have a husband who loves history! Now you know!

We are on CD 15 out of 17 in the book set. I’ll keep you posted when we finish!

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