Things I’ve Learned Since January 2007…

This is another one of those posts I will be adding to periodically. This will give the kids some good laughs years from now, but for the moment I’m quite impressed with myself:)

Things I’ve learned since starting to blog, January 2007…

1 – What a widget is.
2 – How to make a movie (as primitive as it is) using the program that’s been on my computer since when? Really!? It’s been there the whole time? Why didn’t I know about it? What else is on this thing I don’t know about?!
3 – That I could literally spend my whole life on the computer if left to my own vices.
4 – How to download any high resolution picture I could imagine off the internet.
5 – How to embed pictures on the writing part of my journals – finally!
6 – That I can figure it out without Keith’s help – eventually.
7 – How to create something on a computer other than my home, email it to myself, & transfer the said attachment to my VodPod! How cool!
8 – How to download CDs onto itunes & put on an ipod to use at church on the big system!
9 – haw to resize pictures (I’m sure I don’t do it the conventional way, but it gets the job done!) & put it on an email as an atachment. – April 2007

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