The Battle Belongs To The Lord

Yesterday in Sunday school class, we talked about the spiritual battle we are all in & how worship & praise causes our enemies to flee. We need to remember that we are in a spiritual battle & not be surprised or caught off guard when attacks come. Instead, be ready to combat with a heart of worship. The Biblical example was Jehoshephat in 2 Chronicles 20 when he was threatened by three kings. Read the whole chapter – that’s another lesser known story that is awesome! We talked about that one early on in Wednesday Club because it’s such a great example of what God can do if we trust Him & “praise Him in the storm“. The other examples given were Paul & Silas in the jail, Jonah, and Matthew 21:16/Psalm 8:2.

Then we went into the main sanctuary for worship & the whole song time was centered around the battle belonging to the Lord. The song leader shared about an incident just that morning where he recognized he was being attacked & chose to praise & pray it down. It flowed right in to Pastor’s message.

Pastor is preaching through David’s life right now & the message today was on the fight with Goliath. He started by pointing out that the only two times the Bible says, “the battle belongs to the Lord” is in 2 Chronicles 20 & in 1 Samuel 17 here with Goliath. They didn’t plan to coordinate the SS, song time, & sermon – God did. I love it when that happens! That means He really wants us to get this point!

Pastor talked about how we need to use the weapons God gives us (Eph. 6:11- the Armor of God) verses alternatives (King Saul’s armor wasn’t going to work for David). God gives us the ability to fight (David used what he knew from shepherding to kill Goliath) & He gives the victory! IF, we step out in obedience & trust Him to provide the power to do what He asked us to do.

When this happens & we give God the glory (like David did in verse 46 & 47 of 1 Sam. 17), it lets the world know about Him (Matthew 5:16 – “Let your light so shine among men…”) as well as strengthens the church family around you (1 Sam. 17:52,53 – “Then the Israelites gave a great shout of triumph and rushed after the Philistines…”)

Lord, help me to be aware “in the heat of the moment” when the enemy is attacking so I can wisely & consistantly praise & pray him down! Help me remember to dress for battle everyday & teach my children how to do the same. May they be greater warriors than I can dream. All for Your glory, Amen!

6 responses to “The Battle Belongs To The Lord

  • Rachel

    Yoo have blessed me and i know that you do to many.

    This is so great,God bless you and pray for my country Kenya for Gods guidance.

  • Linda

    The battle belongs to the LORD

  • Rasputin Sane

    I would like to have an audio of that sermon, does your pastor record them?

  • Julie

    You wrote this years ago, and yet, because the truths of the Bible are timeless and unchanging, it spoke to me today, in this moment.

    Thank you. You have no idea how much I needed to hear that.

    • liberty92

      Thanks, Julie, for inspiring me to read 2 Chronicles 20 again this morning for devos. Something fresh struck me today; vs. 22 – “AS THEY BEGAN TO SING AND PRAISE, the LORD sent ambushes…” It was when they started singing & praising that God acted. It never ceases to blow my mind how God hears us & moves on our behalf as we pray, praise, sing. He hears US!! He moves because of my prayers & praise! Amazing love! How can it be?! And a HUGE challenge to pray & praise more! What has He NOT done because I was lazy &
      disobedient? Let’s get out there & praise Him together today & watch what He does. : ] – LA

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