Yoido & Heaven Practice

Korea has a giant church called Yoido Full Gospel in Seoul. This is the church that started “cell groups”. We in the States now have small groups that meet in homes commonly, but that idea started in the modern church age in this church. It is considered to be the largest Christian church in the world with over 800,000 members.

While we were living in Korea for those three years together, Keith & I visited that church twice – once when we first arrived, & again the Sunday before Nate was born with soon to be Grandma & Grandpa W. (Nate was born on a Tuesday.) Both times, it was the same experience. We affectionately call it “heaven practice”. You know those times when you feel like you’re getting a taste of heaven here on earth?

When we first arrived, we were seated in the foreigner’s section so we could each have a headphone set with our language piped into it. What a unique experience to sit with Russians to the left of you & Chinese to your right, about twenty other nationalities around you & the enormous sanctuary filled for the thirteenth time in two days. With everyone singing the same hymn in their native tongues; it is beautiful! We didn’t understand anything else we were saying to each other, but we knew the same songs & got to sing them to our same Lord together. That’s a taste of what I think heaven will be like.

Keith & I had a similar experience (though without the language aspect) in Charlotte at a praise concert we attended. It was Don Moen’s “God With Us”. Wow! Great songs, but we didn’t just listen. We all had a praise jam. What was really cool was that we all got so into it (& this group was a bunch of lily white conservatives). This was ten years or so ago, before “Shout to the Lord”, etc. There was a crippled man in front of us who stood most of the time with his bent legs. It was so moving. To think, in heaven (which really won’t be that long) he will get to fully praise with no physical encumberments. I can’t wait to get there & see that!

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