Fun Little Quiz

I took the little quiz at the bottom of this post & came up as most like Emma from Jane Austin’s book. Makes sense – I loved the movie. Haven’t seen a Jane Austin movie I haven’t liked yet! Can you tell it’s a snow day (actually a few of them in a row!)? I’ve got some time on my hands.:)

Emma Woodhouse
The heroine of Jane Austen’s “Emma”, Miss Woodhouse is a lovely young heiress who delights in matchmaking. However, she soon finds her plans gone awry, and her opinions quite wrong, as dear Mr. Knightly so often warns her.
Which Classic Heroine are You?

Thanks to Michelle for the fun!!

One response to “Fun Little Quiz

  • Jenny

    I took the quiz also! I am 75% Elizabeth Bennet and 35% Jane Eyre! I would rather be Jane Eyre- my favorite book!
    That was a fun quiz. I am going to pass it on!

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