Prayer Changes Things!

I just have to share this although I can’t share too many details on either account. Two major prayers have been answered last week & I am so excited about them!

One is a missionary friend of mine – we went to high school together. They are stationed in a country where you aren’t legally able to be a missionary there. Right now, they are studying the language. Visas are not being renewed. Theirs needed to be updated by Feb. 15th – a seemingly impossible task. I wish I could share more, but it is a touchy situation. (They send prayer letters monthly through underground means & Keith & I have been lifting them up for six months or so, but again, it was hard to find a consistant way to pray through their lengthy prayer list. It is exciting to be a part of a prayer team that is so needed! But they have so many needs to pray for.) In January we started sticking their letter in our Bibles by our reading schedule, so every night after we read our Scripture passage, we just read the next paragraph & pray for that specific need. It takes two weeks to work through the letter, but we hit each need twice a month this way. It’s been working great!

When we got word last week that their visas were miraculously renewed under the best case scenario, in spite of the fact that most of the other missionaries in the country are being shipped out, wow! Prayer is a mysterious thing. Why does God chose to listen to us? I don’t know, but I do know He does! Prayer does change things!!

The second answer has to do with old friends of ours. We have been praying for this family for years. They’ve been on “the dark side of the moon” for a long time. (I’ll have to blog that sermon some time- it’s a good one!) He’s a pastor friend of ours which has made my heart break all the more for them through these years. They have so many gifts & yet these struggles were binding them from using these gifts fully for the Lord. This weekend, I saw (thanks to the miracle of technology) this Pastor friend of ours back in the pulpit. I couldn’t stop crying for a half hour! It was so moving to see God’s restoration & healing! God is so good!!! He’s back! I can’t tell you what that means to me. Pastors & their families hold a dear place in my heart. I know they stand in the front lines of the battle field no one sees. Satan has them in his sights, especially ones that have a true heart for God & talents/gifts God wants to use (ex – King David, Solomon, Peter, etc).

That’s about all I can say about it, I just had to share. God does answer prayer. He is intimately involved in our lives. A relative of a relative said, “I know that ultimately, He is always faithful – and can’t be anything but. But I think that the more faithful I am to Him maybe the more I’ll notice His faithfulness to me.” I think that’s a part of the purpose of prayer. The more we pray, the more we notice that He is there & listening.

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