Cup ‘o Prayer

Thought I’d pass along a neat little idea that’s helped our family. We were struggling with when to pray with the kids for missionaries, church family, etc. on a regular basis. Bedtime prayers never worked – that’s more our time for recapping the day & blessing our children before they sleep.

I found in either Abover Rubies or No Greater Joy an idea to help raise missions minded children by putting all those missionary cards together in a container. Put them on the table & pull a card to pray for one each night at the dinner table, rather than have them hanging on the fridge. We adapted it a bit to include former church family, etc. because the line got blurred soon into the project. Now we have 75-100 cards with old friends from past churches, all our past Pastors & churches, missionary friends, organizations like Focus on the Family & Character First (that have made an impact on our family), extended family, church family, etc. We pull a card each night before our dinner prayer. This keeps us from just saying the old “Thank You for this food amen.” & gets us praying regularly for those we had been meaning to but never got a regular time for because the list was too long.

The original idea was a good one, but our fridge still has all those pictures of our missionary friends on it! They’re different sizes, plus when we started adding to the cup, we just went with uniform pieces of card stock. (See fifth picture down right now for our cup ‘o prayer.)

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