Callie’s Been Writing…

Thumbelina:Queen of the Flowers

By: Caroline Wayne

Thumbelina came out of her flower slowly. She felt the soft air. She loved it! And she danced cooley. She felt the warmness around her and she felt so nice.

She loved her new husband and she laughed as she played in the flowers. Her husband’s name was Eric. He loved to dance with Thumbelina and the music.

Thumbelina loved her wings so much and she felt so nice that she couldn’t even eat her dinner.

One day, she came out of her petal and she found two men standing beside her! They captured alot of things when she came into their fort. She was so scared! Then she found that there was a giant commanding the place!

As the giant made a poison kind of candy and gave it to Thumbelina, she said no. The giant got so angry that he commanded her to go to the dungeon!

But her husband rescued her and took her back to their flower. And they danced all night.

Cahapter Two…

Thumbelina’s Daughters

By: Caroline Wayne

Thumbelina had thirteen little princesses. First there was twins – both named Sunflower – and they loved to dance.

Next came Sleeping Beauty. She liked the color pink. Rose was next and just like Sleeping Beauty. Oh, and don’t let me forget! Sleeping Beauty and Rose are so nice!

After that came Daisy and Daffodil. They came together. They loved the color yellow and they wore dresses that were yellow every day.

The two Lovelys were next. They were both named Lovely and they were so nice. They loved to play basketball.

Poppy and Primrose came next and they were twins. They liked the color red. Their favorite day was the Fourth of July because they got lots of candy at the parades.

Lily, Tulip, and Violet were the last and they were triplets. They all three had red hair.

The girls loved birds. One day, they all went outside and Rose said, “Why don’t we look for a place to set up a picnic? And let’s bring Mom!” Daffodil thought that was a great idea. Oh, and don’t let me forget, they all loved lettuce!

So, they packed tiny lettuce sandwiches and went to the garden to eat, watch birds, and play basketball (because that’s what the Lovelys liked to play). Then Thumbelina went inside.

While they looked around, they found a beanstalk growing in the ground until it went higher and higher! The girls decided to climb the beanstalk.

When they got to the top, they found a big bad lion! They didn’t know that he was a witch. Inside a Christmas bell, they found a sadly sign that he was a prince that had turned into a witch!

He forced them into the dungeon- the same one that Thumbelina had been in except now it was the lion that took over after the giant died. Before the giant died, he said, “Catch those girls!” because he had found out about the babies. So now that’s enough of these words about the giant!

In the dungeon, the thirteen girls spotted a dancing wolf behind them! He said he was very hungry and had been there a hundred years! (This was the wolf that ate Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma and he got forced in the dungeon by doing all those bad things.)

There was a nurse wolf in the dungeon, too. She had fixed his belly up after all that rock business. That’s enough advice about that. Let’s move on.

Then, some elves threw down some pieces of twinkling snow. “What could they be?” asked Rose. The twinkling snows they didn’t realize, but took them up to the place where the elves were! They flew up with the elves and the elves took them to Santa Claus. Then Santa Claus had a surprise for them! He was a scientist who knew potions! With a secret potion – swoosh! Back to their home.

Thumbelina was so surprised that she brought them in the kitchen and gave them some cookies.

The end.

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