With Valentine’s Day coming, thoughts around here turn to red ribbons, little tin mailboxes, and paper hearts everywhere. Fun, fun, fun! I enjoy this holiday. We talked in Club Wednesday night about how God is love. If it weren’t for God, we wouldn’t know what love is. He sets the standard & definition of what love is.

There’s a little “poem” someone gave me in church camp that I’ve kept in my Bible since middle school. It’s the Fruit of the Spirit defined…

Joy: the feeling of love,
Peace: the practice of love,
Patience: the perserverance of love,
Kindness: the expression of love,
Goodness: the action of love,
Trust: (faithfulness) the dependability of love,
Gentleness: the attitude of love,
Self-Control: the restraint of love.

I like that. The term love gets thrown around alot this time of year. I need to blog another time about the what the world calls love vs. what God’s kind of love is – very different! I have noticed that there are lots of people who don’t know what love is. Sad. If you don’t know Jesus, you’re groping in darkness to find it. “Lord, continue to give me Your eyes to see the lost with compassion. But for You goes me.

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