Playing Hot Potato with the Little Rocks

Keith & I, neither one, put winterizing the house on our list of things to do this year & thought (or rather didn’t think about it!) we’d gotten away with it when February hit with no incident. Well, Sunday proved us wrong! The weather dipped below zero, not to mention the wind chill. Let’s just say I’m a whole lot more thankful for warm air, running water, and a garage door that works now. Along with all that, we’ve had bouts of connectile dysfuntion via the computer this week. (Did you see the commercial during the Superbowl?)

Keith quickly contacted our plumber & they got our water & heat up & running within hours! They’re good. Meanwhile, the kids & I had packed up to hunker down at Grandma’s next door for a few days. Oh, well. At least we got to spend the afternoon with my brother’s family. They were at Grandma’s while their house was being shown by a realtor.

It was not the way I had planned on spending Sunday, but was a good day in spite of things. Since the computer’s been down & the hubby is home from school (no school due to the cold!), I’ve been able to get to some sewing that’s been put off for too long. That’s been fun. See the photos on flicker for more info. Note: I’m an artist, not a seamstress! Don’t look too closely at my work, just enjoy the effect.

Lesson Learned: Put winterizing items on the calendar for next year to graciously & timely work on together.

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