Three Conversations

Just to give my children a brief glimpse into a day in the life of our home right now (someday they might want to know what it was really like), I thought I’d take a snippet of a conversation I had with each of them yesterday – each one fairly typical. I’ll start with Callie

We were cooking dinner & she started singing a Donut Man song, “Oh, the blind are leading the blind with an uh-uh-oh: tell me what they’ll find. Fall in a hole – that’s right they’ll fall in a hole – that’s what you’ll find – when the blind are leading the blind…” Cute song. Great lesson in it! I tried to find a clip of it so you could hear it, but couldn’t. He has a lot of his songs on his website but not that one. Anyway, she started asking me why they were blind, etc. I explained how it was talking about people who don’t follow God’s ways – don’t read the Bible. The Bible is “the lamp unto our feet & light unto our path” & if you don’t read & follow it, you’re walking in darkness. Those people do things against God’s Word & don’t care; things like lie, take things that don’t belong to them, etc. We don’t want to be like that or follow someone who is like that. That’s the blind leading the blind. She, without missing a beat said, “I think when I grow up, before I marry, I’m gonna play a card game & watch to see if he cheats. If he cheats, he’s not for me!” Later she added “When I’m a momma I hope I don’t get a little boy that I can’t handle that sticks his tongue out and spits on people!” It was totally out of the blue! I said, “You don’t have to worry about stuff like that! God gives you just what you need. Look at me: God gave me Nathan & Caroline, & Anders – just right for our family.” She responded, “That’s because you married a nice Daddy that shows us how to do right.” With her head tilted like, “Come on Mom, you know this!”

Now we will shift to Nate
Mind you, any time the color brown is mentioned right now, he can’t let it go! Somewhere along the way he picked up a Dave Pilkey book & it was all downhill from there. Callie was reading to us from her little reader & Nate was playing with his Legos beside us. He kept making comments & noises intermittently. Example: Callie read, “But she…” Nate interrupted, “Butt cheek? Did she say butt cheek?” You know, the nine year old boy junk talk. Mom says, “One more comment…” A moment goes by. Fart noises are made; I give the evil eye in Nate’s direction. Callie continues reading about Bella the dog not getting chocolate for Christmas. Nate remarks from the peanut gallery, ” Oh, no! I guess I’ll have to make my own chocolate (another fart sound).” Mom, “All right, that’s it!!!!” Discipline incurred.

We move on to Anders
A full half hour after lunch time, I “wred” the table & double checked with Anders about whether or not he was done. He’s my “grazer” of the family. He hadn’t really touched the meal prepared for him.
A – “I’m not hungry, Mom.”
Me – “But you didn’t hardly touch your lunch!”
A – “I’m a superhero & superheroes don’t eat.”
Me – “Superheroes have to eat to stay super.”
A – “But I’m a superhero, Mom!”
And on it goes. He rarely removes the black suit we got him for Christmas (a huge step up from Callie’s pink leotard he used to don daily!). Now he wears a pair of red undies on top of it to look like Superman. I made him a red breakaway cape with velcro so he wouldn’t hurt himself. I have to admit, he does look like Superman! He recently requested a pair of red boots but I got him to be satisfied with red socks in their stead. I’ll try to get a picture & post it soon. Superman is right now his DVD of choice on Saturday mornings. Grandma gave us one with 6 hours of cartoons from the 40’s. He’s watching it while I write.

This is my life right now. Never a dull moment around here!

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