S + W + C = No Mayberry

After giving it a moment’s thought, I think I’ve pinpointed the reason for our “non-Mayberry” community. Our family doesn’t live in town, so we get to pick which town we want to do what in. We do most of our shopping in town S, 8-10 minutes away with decent shopping choices. My husband works in town W, 15 minutes away – a quaint town with good people. (We are well known there because of Keith. They know our family, but I don’t know them very well.) We go to church in town C, 20 minutes away. At church, the people are most like us. (There are several families where the dad is a teacher & the mom is an educated homeschooler.) These three towns, however, never mix. I never run into church people when I’m shopping. Keith never has kids from town S or C in his class. The closest we come to mingling our three worlds is when Keith & I go out to eat & a child stares at us. Keith asks if they go to his school & he says he thought he recognized them. (Yes, teachers do have a life outside of the classroom. It always shocks them.) It’s cute. And it happens pretty much every time I’m out with Keith. But that’s about it. If we did all three of these things in one town, I suppose we’d be closer to Mayberry or Odysee. The problem is, shopping in town W & C is terrible! People from those towns go to the city 20 minutes out the other way from us to do their shoppping. Keith’s job situation in town W is really nice. And town C has the best church for us. So, what are ya gonna do?

One response to “S + W + C = No Mayberry

  • raisinglittlewomen

    Happy Friday!
    I came to your blog from my blog stats page and have been reading over some of your past post (i have enjoyed them, btw) From reading some of them we may be from about the same area. (I am in NC) My bil graduated from Liberty and is a pastor here in town ~
    Anyways ~ Just thought I would stop by for a visit!
    Hope you have a blessed day!
    Michelle (raisinglittlewomen)

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