Andy’s Got Floyd & Barn; I’ve Got Library Nazis!

Just finished reading a hilarious post on a blog I read frequently, Enjoy the Journey. That girl has a way with words! I just stumbled upon her blog the first week into this whole blogging thing & have really found a “kindred spirit” in her writing. Her post for January 31st made me laugh out loud.

If you get a chance, read Just give me the Z-pac and nobody gets hurt. She reminds me of a cross between one of my best friends in high school (Candee, if you’re reading – Pam – am I right?) & a chipper female version of my brother, Luke. How’s that for a description?! Luke always makes me laugh. He has a witty way of getting to the funny in any situation.

This sounds like I’m switching subjects, but trust me, I’m not. I was sick over the weekend – bad cold. Even stayed home from church! Now you know I was down. Nyquil always knocks me out big time, but it’s the best thing for me to get rid of severe cold symptoms. Anyway, Keith borrowed Mom’s first season of Andy Griffith for me to veg out on over the long weekend. The kids & I laid on the couch & watched about three-fourths of a year’s worth of Andy Griffith in one weekend believe it or not!!! (This does go along with the former paragraph.)

Lindsey’s blog reminded me of the Andy Griffith days gone by. People in Mayberry didn’t go to Floyd’s just for the haircut. They cared about one another. That community feel is totally lost in my world! I have to admit, I go where the prices are lowest which means the big M, W, & K. I don’t go to any other stores. Oddly enough, the people at those stores all recognize us & I them. But we don’t know each other’s names or anything else but faces.

I guess the library is the closest place our family has in the community to that “hometown” feel. They all know us there & all about us. They know our names without us telling them, they recognize our voices over the phone, & know all about Keith’s job, our homeschooling, starting a church, etc., etc. That’s upstairs anyway!

For those of you who have never been to our library, let’s just say there’s a world of difference between the upstairs (children’s department) & the downstairs (everything else). We refer to the downstairs staff as the library nazis. There’s “Freiline” – the tall blond one. She’s the one who “helps” us most of the time. Then there’s the short smoker – really trashed voice. It goes from there. It’s pitiful, but funny.

I guess you could say I’m torn on this subject, too. I choose to go to the store with the cheapest prices. I could go to our village’s little store & buy the half rotten bananas at $2.00 a pound. They would know my name if I shopped there twice in a row. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. So, I shop at the mega stores & watch Andy Griffith to peek in on Mayberry every once in a while. That works.

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