Honey Pie & Paper Dolls

Callie got out her paper dolls she got from Grandma for Christmas yesterday. It was a snow day & she & Nate were coming down with a touch of cabin fever! I have to admit, I’ve got a weakness for paper dolls! I had a little to do with Grandma getting them for her for Christmas this year.

(On a side note, did you ever see Strawberry Shortcake’s Berrry Merry Christmas? Her pony, Honey Pie, is trying to help SS buy presents for her friends & keeps suggesting things she would like such as a new saddle, etc. So, around our house, if someone tries to suggest gifts for others that they really want for themselves, we call them “Honey Pie” to remind them to refocus on who the gift is for!)

I have to admit, I pulled a Honey Pie a bit with the paper dolls! I guess there’s a bit of Honey Pie in all of us! Callie really likes the dolls, too, though. She’s at a good age for them. She got Ginghams – the ones I had when I was a little older than her. If you’ve never seen these before, they are four cute little turn of the century girls. Each comes with a different color gingham collection of outfits that are reminiscent of Laura Ingalls era. They’re really cute.

Then for her birthday, she got some American Girl paper dolls! These are similar to the Ginghams but a little bigger. I didn’t know they made anything like these anymore! She really is enjoying them as well.

The reason I suggested paper dolls for her this year was because she had cut out a bunch of ladies from my magazines & had made the old doll house out of pictures of beds & tables & windows. She did a great job using her imagination! They turned out really cute. We saved them so she can use them with her new dolls, too.

It all brings back memories of my cousin & me spending all summer “Fashion Plate-ing” our doll collection. We’d make five or six of the same doll & color them different colors & give names to each (for example, one set of sisters would be Tina, Tammy, Teri, Tonya, & Tracy while another set could be April, May & June) & call them sisters. Oh, the fun!

I saw this same innate girlie tendancy appealing to another generation when I watched the Barbie Dancing Princesses DVD. What little girl can resist a bunch of sister dolls in pretty colored gowns? I’m thankful God gave me my sweet little gal who enjoys the ol’ paper dolls as much as I do, um… did!

3 responses to “Honey Pie & Paper Dolls

  • raisinglittlewomen

    I have not thought about paper dolls in years! I had so much fun playing with mine! I did not know they even made them now ~Thank you so much for sharing ~ will be looking into this for my girlies!

  • raisinglittlewomen

    Just noticed that you changed your header! Love it~ I finally figured out how fix one so I switched to this theme as well. I can’t wait for spring so I put up tulips :o)

  • Charley

    hey – I don’t mean to get pushy – but you haven’t posted anything for a WEEK!
    The paper dolls was cute – we went to Conan and Kristen’s last weekend and I found some
    American Doll paper dolls that I took for Danielle and Kelsey.
    See ya

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