A Few Past Funnies, A Few Newbees…

Through the years, I have tried to write down the funny things the kids have said & put them in the junk drawer for safe keeping. Then, when the junk drawer gets too full of ticket stubs, papers with funny quotes, artwork they brought home from Sunday School, etc., I put it in a bag & it moves to the attic labeled with the school year. My dream is to one day organize those bags so the kids can look through them & remember. I’ve wanted to get those funny quotes in one place for years & thought this blog might finally be a place. So, since I was up in the attic with the toys, I thumbed through the bags & grabbed a few papers of funny one-liners. This isn’t all of them, but it’s a start…

Nate, while reading with Mom, June, 2002, age 5 – “Hey, I’m getting pretty good at this! I want to do this with my kids someday… if Caroline brings me some.”

One afternooon in April of 2002, during nap/read to us session in Momma’s bed, Callie (aged 1) scratched Nate (aged 4) for no reason! Nate responded, “I’m overcoming your evil, Caroline!” Callie just gave him a blank stare back.

“That’s my Mommy.” – Callie’s first words to Anders after she toddled up on the stool to peer down at him. She pointed over to me in the bed & told him like it was!

“Those germs don’t stand a chance!” – Nate, while brushing his teeth right after a dentist trip.

“You ask too many questions.” – Nate’s response to my asking him what 6 + 4 was when he was in first grade, aged 6.

“I still have to find me a husband. Anders can’t be my husband cuz he’s shorter than me. (pause) Noah could maybe be my husband. He always tells me stories.” – Callie, out of the blue one day when she was four. Noah is a friend of Nate’s.

Any-fing!” – Anders’ response heard several times a day, anytime you ask him what he’s doing or what’s in his mouth or hands, etc., accompanied by an ultra sincere face.

“I did it on the tractor. When I was riding the tractor.” – Anders’ answer whenever you ask him how he got any scrape or cut on his body. When we were camping the summer of ’05, he scratched the top of his foot on a chair, but when you asked him what happened, his story was, “A snake bit me!” & he stuck with it the whole time!

“A raccoon nibbled on my head. Someone left the tent unzipped…no, he must’ve unzipped our tent.” – Callie, one morning on our camping trip in June of ’06. That year we had a family of raccoons outside our tent every night. I think she was dreaming. None of the rest of us had raccoon nibbles on our heads! So, one year it was Anders & the snake & the next it was Callie & the coon.

“It’s a little froggy out, Mommy.” – Anders’ way of saying the visibility isn’t very good whether it be due to fog or snow or rain.

“It’s a VDD.” – Anders’ version of DVD.

“Root Beer Winkle” – what Anders calls Rip Van Winkle

“I can’t use the cards anymore. I gotta start using my mind, cause I’m gonna be in high school soon & have, you know, tricky concepts! Then comes 4th grade, & …” – Callie while doing a Math page one afternoon. This was in response to my suggestion she use the little flash cards I made for her if she needed. February, 2007 – Kindergarten

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