My Left Big Toe

We are members of CMA church for the first time in our lives. (Denominations are a whole nother rather lengthy log for another time.) Pastor is going through James & we hit chapter 5, verses 13 through 18 last Sunday. So, naturally, a healing service took place afterward. It was good for my younger kids to see how it’s done. They probably don’t ever remember seeing one before. Dad always carried a vial of anointing oil with him for just such occasions.

I thought this would be a good time to put another entry into my “Pot of Omar”. I have shared this story often, but I want it down for posterity.

When I was in the ninth grade, our school choir took a spring tour. We were at a church where they were having a healing service. This was my first experience with a healing service, & the church was more pentecostal than what I grew up with so they did it a little differently. Anyway, my left big toe had been quite infected for a number of months. I didn’t want to go to the doctor about it because I knew he would either lance it or remove my toenail – both options gave me the heeby-jeebies!! So, I put up with it for a good part of ninth grade!

After our choir sang, we went to the back of the sanctuary for the rest of the service. The end of the message turned into a rather long healing service. A man was way up front saying things like, “Someone here has a heart problem God wants to fix.” After a while he said, “Someone here has a left big toe that has a problem. God wants to heal it.” My heart jumped into my throat! That had to be me!! Now what? I didn’t know about walking way up front & possibly getting left behind if the choir left, etc. It was pretty dark. I thought, “Lord, I know You can heal me. I don’t really know what’s going on here, but You can do whatever You want. I’m not really sure going up front is such a good idea, do You?” I kept wondering if I should or not & the moment passed.

Later that night, I told people about it & we all agreed God could heal me if He wanted, whether I went forward or not. I kept wondering if I should’ve though. I didn’t want to cheat God of the glory for whatever He wanted to do in this situation.

The next week, I just noticed one day, my toe didn’t hurt any more!! It was no big lightning flash or warm sensation or anything. He just healed me! And I know He did it supernaturally; not just “my body healing itself”. He did it.

God knows a person’s heart. He thankfully chose to heal me even though I didn’t go forward & have the guys lay hands on me. He knows why I didn’t. I believe if I didn’t go because I was just too prideful or whatever, He probably wouldn’t have healed me.

I’ve heard Mom & Dad say before that God will ask you to do whatever it is that keeps you from being totally His. For example, if you are bound & determined you will not go forward in church because of a pride issue, that’s probably exactly what you need to do to get right with the Lord. I think this is exactly why Jesus told the rich young ruler to go and sell all that he has before following Him. Jesus knew that he was holding pretty tightly to that money, & until he let go of it, there was no way he could follow the Lord.

He doesn’t ask everybody to do the same things. We serve a God Who loves us personally. Think about that. Isn’t that awesome?! He knows our heart. He knows what our “issues” are better than we know ourselves! He has the key to fix them if we take them to Him.

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