Favorite Family Quotes…

I got to thinking about different sayings that come to mind for various members of the family & thought these should be written down for the next generation. If any family members have more quotes they’d like to add, please do: add either in the comments or email me & I’ll add them.

Here’s the first ones that come to mind…

You get what you pay for.” – Grandma Jean, often quoted while I was attending her “Finishing School”, my last year of college.

“When’s your birthday?” – Keith’s very first words to me on our way to chapel the first day of graduate class. He wanted to know if I was younger or older than he was. I come in at seven weeks younger. We always say he’s so much older & wiser!

“So, are you going to marry my son?” – Neil, my father-in-law, walking back to the house after he took me on a plane ride my first visit to Minnesota.

“A little dab’ll do ya!” – Grandma Gertie, heard to say this at every meal that I can remember, concerning anything from pickles to butter to ice-cream. She always had little dabs of any food you can magine on her dinner table!

“You breed Clydesdales, you get Clydesdales.” – Grandma Jensen’s famous quote at first sight of Nate after he was born at a whopping 10lb. 13oz.

“You can’t do that! You’ll compromise the integrity of the game!” – Uncle Jim S, when suggested we “fix” a mix-up in a game of Skip-Bo or something like it. Had to start over!

“You can’t use the runway that’s behind you.” – Uncle Richard W

“He who hesitates is lost.” – Grandpa Don W

“I’d buy the town of Clarks Grove & name it ‘Roy Jensen’.” – Grandpa Jensen’s quick response to the question of what he would do if he won the lottery. He’d obviously thought about it!

“You’ve got to know just the right time to flip the burger.”
– Dad, when giving advice to Keith while out grilling together before we got engaged. He was never very good at analogies!

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