Come As A Child

Yesterday, on our way to church & back, we listened to “Music Machine“, an old children’s musical from the 70’s. My kids are getting aquainted with it. They don’t seem to notice the 70’s sound on some of the songs.

“Music Machine” was one of the first Christian children’s music to come out. It was really revolutionary! Since then, there has been Psalty, Donut Man, Hide ’em In Your Heart Series, The NIV Kid’s Club, etc. to name a few. If you don’t have some of these for your kids, don’t miss out! Go get a few to add to your library.

But my point is, it’s not just for the kids! It seems every time I listen to these “kids” songs, I get blessed even more than they do! Yesterday, I found myself crying at the lyrics, “Isn’t God good when He asks us just to love like He does…” Yes, He is so good! I have known that song since I was a pig-tailed little second-grader singing at Wayside Christian School. Mom was our music teacher & Dad led the little band. We had a blast making that music machine! I can still sing along with every word in that musical. I can’t put into words how thankful I am that I was given parents who valued that – both the music & the schooling.

A woman in our church recently volunteered to put all my old resource tapes onto CD for me to be able to use for Wednesday night Club – tape players are getting harder to come by! I can’t let go of some of those great songs & they’re not putting all of them out on CD. I needed to get them transferred before my taped copies totally gave out! I am so thankful to her! Come to find out, she was a Kindergartner at Wayside & remembers our Music Machine! Mind you, in this school, we had a bout 12 kids in each grade. This was not a big school! She remembered my maiden name (being that Mom was our music teacher) & we had some of the same friends, but didn’t remember each other. She was telling me how much her kids enjoyed the music as she transferred them. So there it was, blessing yet again!

Music is such a powerful medium. We can use it with the kids to teach Bible stories, moral lessons, or how to worship. I love to worship with the kids! I’m so thankful to men like Ernie Rettino, Rob Evans, & the Hernandez family for writing this stuff through the years. I’m sure they have no idea how much they’ve blessed my family. Not only have I been well grounded, but now my kids get that, too.

I sometimes get the feeling adults don’t want to “lower” themselves to kids’ stuff like music, books, etc. And it makes me especially sad to see upper elementary kids think they are “too cool” for some of this stuff once they hit double digits in the birthday department. Boy, are they missing out! Some of the best books & music are the children’s material! If you can’t enjoy them, you miss out on alot. The other thing that gets me about that attitude is, we expect the little ones to enjoy our music in worship. Family, be it the physical or spiritual family, is about all different ages working & living together. This is what makes everybody healthy! We benefit from each others’ perspectives.

I think this is some of what Jesus meant when He said the Kingdom of God belongs to such as the children (Mark 10:14,15). God loves it when we come to Him with the heart of a child – uninhibited, free to express what we feel, completely trusting. “Lord, help me teach the children how to worship You freely & simply, & in so doing, remind me to do the same!”

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