Dancing the Day Away

Yesterday, Callie had her dancing princess party. For those of you who want to see more pictures of the festivities, go to our family website. If you don’t have the password, email me & I’ll send it to you. I finally got some new pictures on our site over there! We have been taking plenty of pictures, but between switching computers, switching cameras, & not having time for Keith to show me how to do the downloading, we haven’t put pictures on since Nate’s party in July! It feels good to finally know how to get them out of the camera. I am working on getting them small enough to blog them. So far today, I was unsuccessful. The only ones I got on the blog were so huge it just showed like one eyeball, so I had to delete. I will work on that next time. But at least the family site is current! I may end up just flickering & forgetting it!

This was the first daytime weekday party we’ve thrown. Callie loves having parties as much as I do! It is really getting fun. She picked the time & we went with it. It was kind of nice being able to set up the night before, party all morning, enjoy lunch together, then all go home & take naps! Then we had a family party at night so Daddy & Nate could join in the fun. So, the whole day was one big party. She loved it.

For anyone interested in The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Shelley Duvall (who did Faerie Tale Theatre years ago) has a great rendition of it & all her old stuff is coming out again on DVD now. It is timeless because it’s the classic stories. They’re great! (Hint: Ask for them at your library. If they don’t have them, inter-library loan is a wonderful thing!)

Another rendition the kids love is a CD by Jim Weiss. We were first introduced to him through k12 when Nate was in 1st grade. They sent us a CD to use for history. He is such a talented story-teller. Come to find out, our library had a few other CDs by him. He has 38 CDs all together. We’ve heard the Tales from the OT, Sherlock Holmes, Giants, King Arthur, Shakespeare for Children, & the Best Loved Stories in Song and Dance. That’s the one with “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” on it & he does an excellent job. There hasn’t been a Jim Weiss CD my kids haven’t loved.

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