Color Code It!

I saw a hint in one of those free parenting type magazines one time & decided to try it. It’s a good one, so I pass it on. Color code! Each member of the family gets a color & then you don’t get mixed up with towels, cups, toothbrushes, etc. A simple thing, yet saves on household confusion, blame, etc.

We started with color-coded towels and washclothes. This has been ingenious! Now, if a towel is laying on the floor, everyone knows whose it is. We moved on to cups. The family in the article was a bit overboard. She had everything color-coded! I don’t want Nate to think he has the corner on blue! So we don’t go whole hog. But in general, Daddy is “bringin’ in the money green”, Mama is “heart of the home red”, Nate is “all boy blue”, Callie is “royal purple”, & Anders is “golden child yellow”.

We have squirt water bottles for the kids & keep them full of water so they can get a drink whenever throughout the day. Nate’s is the blue fish, Callie’s is the red octopus (they didn’t have purple, but she’s red like Mama this time), & Anders has the yellow & orange fish.

Toothbrushes work well this way, too. If Anders happens to be walking around with a blue toothbrush in his mouth, I can know what he’s up to at a glance.

We also have sippy-bowls & plastic cups in these colors. Speaking of sippy-bowls, if you don’t have one of these yet, get one! They are so cheap! I used to dread having cold cereal for the kids in the morning. It was so messy! Oatmeal, ceral bars, & dry cereal were the choices. But with these bowls, they don’t make messes! They love to sip the milk out of the built-in straw. I think they are inspired by Tele-Tubbies, which is probably why I dragged my feet in getting them. But they are a very nice addition to a kitchen with children.

Other good uses for the color-code system: sermon notebooks, pencil boxes, scribble pads, little flashlights, etc. If these things are left in the van or laying around on the pew after church, you know instantly whose it is.

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