“Ask & you shall receive”

Some may argue that God isn’t interested in the little things in life. The song “From A Distance” by Bette Middler in the early ninties was a beautiful song & lots thought it was religious, but that’s not my God. The God I know is very much involved in the everyday little things. I see Him revealing Himself at the most fun times! I think He loves it!

One of those times recently was about a month ago. It was right before Christmas & we were ready for the break. It was such a little thing, but it meant a lot to me & God knew what I needed.

I was feeling pretty down on myself across my life’s board. The kids needed more discipline in several areas (or should I say Keith & I needed to be more consistent in several areas). I was feeling like a failure in the several other departments: the bathrooms needed scrubbing a week ago, my windows & freezer needed attention, I was really needing to get back on a health routine for all of us, I had all kinds of projects I wanted to get to but hadn’t. You know the self talk.

On top of that, C & I were working on her Math for the day & I was introducing “doubles”. 2 +2 =4, 3+3=6, etc. I had made really nice cards for N when he was there. I had thought through ways to remember them easily like 7+7=14 was two saluting soldiers and a fort drawn over the fourteen. I spent at least 30 minutes looking all over for those cards & getting more down by the moment. “Why can’t I get more organized? C’s not getting the ‘fresh teaching’ N got. I’m not doing right by her or anybody right now. I’m totally wasting time looking for these cards!” I finally gave up. I didn’t want the kids to see me upset about such a little thing, but it was really getting me down. I guess it was the timing. Satan was really using this little thing to bring me down.

I asked the Lord to help me think of all the things I’d put on the cards before. Then I just sat there a minute. For some reason, I prayed, “Lord, it would be so much easier if I could just find those cards. I know I saved them for C. I’ve looked everywhere, but they’ve got to be here! Help me find them.” C was sitting there with me & she heard me. As soon as that pray came out of my lips, a thought hit me. Look in the closet. Mind you, the only things I keep in the closet are the things I need to put away yet! (Besides my sewing things.) I don’t keep homeschool stuff in there so I hadn’t even thought to look in there. But I opened the closet & started looking through the “stuff to put away” pile. About the third item I laid eyes on were the cards! I had stuck them in there in a hurry & it had not “registered”.

God’s bringing that thought to mind when He did was His way of telling me, “You’re doing alright! You aren’t as bad off as you’re telling yourself. I’m here! Just ask Me – I’ll help.” He is so good. That is just a little thing, finding some lost cards, but He knew what I was thinking. He was just waiting for me to ask so He could answer & encourage me.

Along the same lines, Keith said in our evening prayer time the other night that we need to be praying for opprtunities to share more diligently. When we were working with HOPE, that was on the top of our minds most of the time. We didn’t want to lose that lesson, but things slip & that had been pushed back lately.

He said he was on lunch duty a few weeks ago & was talking to the Lord & just happened to pray for more opportunities to share. As he was praying, a little boy asked him if you had to be baptized to go to heaven. Now he doesn’t get these kinds of questions every day! The two children there had been discussing this & Keith talked with them a while & told them to talk with their parents because different chruches believe different things & he was able to share what he believed. Another child close by said, “I’m afraid I’m going to die & burn in hell.” He wasn’t joking, just speaking matter of factly. Keith was able to councel him a bit about church, his parents, etc. We are now able to pray more knowledgably for some fo these kids.

And we are reminded again – ASK & you shall receive! We just need to ask! How many times has God wanted to use me but I didn’t ask, so He didn’t give me that opportunity. HE wants the glory. We are here to give it to Him!

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