My, how times have changed.

Today I am tinkering around with all you can do with
a blog. I have never really gotten into blogging or
looked at others’. But, I do need to keep up with
with all the computer can do! It is really cool how
easy things are to do anymore.

The first time I touched a mouse was in the middle
of my college years. I was taking a music course. The
teacher chose me (realizing I knew the basics of music
already) to be in a pilot group for testing the newest
way to do a basic music class. It was so cool! We
were each given a CD with a bunch of games on it. We
were to login so many times & complete all the games
by the end of the quarter. I just went in to the
computer lab whenever I wanted for like two hours total,
played games, & got the credit! The teacher was
“somehow” able to keep track of what we were doing in
a data base somewhere. Remember, I had never seen a
mouse before! This saved me so much wasted class time! I
finished all the games & got an A without ever seeing my
teacher again. I was thrilled! He was a nice guy & all,
but I was a working college student trying to get through
as many classes as possible as soon as possible so I
could teach! This was a dream!!

Now my five year old has her own list of favorites & knows
how to surf to add her own faves. We had a discussion this
morning about that. Just because she knows how to do
it doesn’t mean she should do that! We talked about that
little feeling that comes if we see something that just
doesn’t feel right. That’s the Holy Spirit! Isn’t He a great
gift? When we trust Jesus as our Savior, the Holy Spirit
moves in & is with us always. When you “feel funny”,
that’s Him telling you to stop & turn! I’m trying to
help C to see it is a gift. We should always respond
immediately. That is our protection. What a great lesson
to teach a five year old!

It is a whole new world. I am excited about all the great
opportunities out there for our children with this computer
generation. But at the same time, I am a little peeved &
scared. I am peeved because we can’t get along without
it anymore – I have a little bit of a love hate relationship
with both our tv & our computer. And I’m scared for this
generation. We are involved, concerned parents. I want to know
what they are watching, doing, etc. We keep the tv &
computer out in view for all. But so many parents aren’t!!
The time wasted is a miniscule problem compared to the
garbage they can so easily feast on! And they will grow
up thinking this is normal! That’s not just “their” problem.
That’s all of our problem, & all the more so as they grow up!

Also, it seems relationships are turning electric instead of
face-to-face. Maybe I’ll come to more of a peace with this
through the years, but I long for the days (that I never saw)
where the women all got together & quilted for the
afternoon. The women in my family do this still in their own
way by coming together once a month to “play cards”. We
never actually play cards but we talk, play table games,
catch-up with each other. I don’t know of any other
family that does that. I want more of that!

Lord, help us guard our children from evil. Give us and the
children wisdom to navigate around the trash to find the
treasure out there in these mediums.

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